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Construction and Engineering

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Mass to Membrane: FTL Design Engineering Studio

Goldsmith, Nicholas
In Western culture, from an early age we are ingrained with the notion that weight in building construction equals strength as evinced even in children's stories such as the 'The Three Little Pigs'.
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Mathematics Pocket Book for Engineers and Scientists

Bird, John (formerly Senior Lecturer, HM
This compendium of essential formulae, definitions, tables also gives clear and succinct explanations along with over 300 line drawings and 500 worked examples. It works as a reference for engineering students, technicians, scientists and professionals and as a revision guide for BTEC Nationals, Higher Nationals and NVQs.
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Mentoring for Civil Engineers

Waterhouse, Patrick
Mentoring for Civil Engineers is a guide to planning and implementing the training of professional civil engineers. In an increasingly fast-moving industry, ensuring that engineers have the necessary skills, ability and commitment is key to success.
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UN75: Sustainable Engineering in Action

Adshead, Daniel
2020 marks the UN's 75th anniversary and UN75: Sustainable Engineering in Action highlights how engineers are tackling today's most pressing challenges, from fighting poverty and hunger to promoting health, peace and education. Produced with the Institution of Civil Engineers, the book's contributors include the likes of UNESCO, UNICEF and the WHO.
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CESMM4 Revised: Handbook

This fourth edition of the handbook has been specifically produced to be used alongside the new Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement, fourth edition - CESMM4. The handbook has been completely updated and includes new text to bring it in line with the changes and new material contained within CESMM4.
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Introduction to AutoCAD 2020 for Civil Engineering Applications

Yasmin, Nighat
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Engineering Graphics Essentials with AutoCAD 2020 Instruction

Plantenberg, Kirstie
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Hybrid Construction - Timber Based Solutions to Structural Challenges

What is hybrid construction? And how can it be used to create sustainable and versatile buildings? This publication provides a commentary by looking at different types of structural engineered timber in effective combinations with other materials, as illustrated by recent case studies. From straightforward projects to complex design briefs, hybrid construction is gaining momentum.
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Sustainable Timber Design

Dickson M & Parker Dave
This book offers the reader, whether student, teacher or practitioner, practical advice in designing timber architecture.
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Strength of Materials: Fundamentals and Applications

Rao, T D Gunneswara
A comprehensive textbook covering basic and advanced concepts of strength of materials, with an emphasis on discussing important topics with the help of solved problems. The presence of enhanced pedagogical features make it suitable for undergraduate students of mechanical and civil engineering.
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