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Construction and Engineering

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Fascination Concrete

Uffelen, Chris Van
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Smart Concrete (ICE Themes)

ICE Themes Smart Concrete brings together fascinating insights into this new and evolving field of concrete.
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Low Carbon Concrete (ICE Themes)

ICE Themes Low Carbon Concrete offers an overview of the research and developments that have taken place in this area of concrete technology.
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Recycled Aggregates: Use in Concrete (ICE Themes)

ICE Themes Recycled Aggregates: Use in Concrete provides an overview of the full spectrum of research undertaken on the use of recycled aggregate as a replacement for commonly used natural aggregate in a wide range of concrete applications.
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Miracles in Concrete: Structural Engineer August Komendant

Komebdant: Lecture
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Building with Lime Stabilized Soil

Holmes, Stafford (Architect)
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Self-Healing Cementitious Materials: Technologies, Evaluation Methods, and Applications

Huseien, Ghasan Fahim
This book reviews technologies, evaluation methods, and applications of self-healing cementitious materials and examines concrete structures based on various materials with self-repair capability and their implications for the future use in sustainable projects.
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Terrazzo: Architects, Designers & Artists

Demeulemeester, Thijs
A beautifully illustrated book showcasing inspirational terrazzo designs and offering advice on colour and style from experienced architects and designers.
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Painting in Stone: Architecture and the Poetics of Marble from Antiquity to the Enlightenment

Barry, Fabio
A sweeping history of premodern architecture told through the material of stone
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Brick 22: Outstanding International Brick Architecture

AG, Wienerberger
The international Brick Award 22: fifty shortlisted and five winning designs once again prove the impressive versatility and timeliness of bricks as building material.
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