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Costing, Estimating and Tendering

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Spon's Architects' and Builders' Price Book 2022

Spon's A&B still provides the most accurate, detailed and professionally relevant construction price information for the UK, with a VitalSource (R) ebook, for use until the end of 2022.
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Spon's Mechanical and Electrical Services Price Book

The definitive M&E price book with additions to the measured works, updates to approximate estimating and new engineering features.
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Estimating and Measurement for Simple Building Works in Hong Kong

Chan, Caroline T. W.
This book is an introductory text on building measurement and estimating for simple buildings in Hong Kong, based on the Hong Kong Standard Method of Measurement, 4th Edition, Revised 2018 (HKSMM4 Rev 2018).
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Good Practice Guide: Fees

Brookhouse, Stephen
This book shows practitioners the ways that fees are calculated, negotiated and managed. It will increase your understanding of the different fee-earning roles for architects, professional services contracts, how to calculate sustainable fee levels and improve negotiation skills.
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Practice Note - Tendering 2017

Joint Contract Tribunal
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Building Cost Planning for the Design Team

Smith, Jim
Follows the building design cost planning process from the crucial inception stages, through all the design stages to the completion of the technical design, contract documentation and the tender. Refers to BIM, NRM1, and the RIBA Plan of Work to provide a template for good cost planning practice.
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Estimator's Pocket Book

Cartlidge, Duncan (Construction Procurem
The Estimator's Pocket Book, 2nd edition is a concise and practical reference covering the main pricing approaches, as well as information on how to process sub-contractor quotations, tender settlement and adjudication. It is fully up-to-date with NRM2 throughout, features a look ahead to NRM3 and describes the implications of BIM for estimators.
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Cost-Effective Building: Economic concepts and constructions

Schittich, Christian
Focuses on projects otherwise overshadowed by the spectacular and extravagant buildings that fill the specialist journals: unvarnished, unpretentious buildings that, despite tight budgets, are clearly worked out to the last detail. They exemplify how, and by what measures, cost-effective planning and building are possible.
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Construction Cost Management: Learning from Case Studies

Potts, Keith
"First edition published 2008 by Taylor and Francis"--Title page verso.
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The Aqua Group Guide to Procurement, Tendering and Contract Administration 2e

Aqua Group Hackett, Mark
This key text for the building team is an authoritative guide and gives a detailed account of the team's roles and responsibilities, with best industry practice required to ensure that building projects meet clients' expectations on time, cost and quality.
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