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Education and Childrens Spaces

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best of DETAIL Bauen fur Kinder / Building for Children: Highlights aus DETAIL / Highlights from DETAIL

Schittich, Christian
Der aktuelle Band aus der Reihe "best of Detail" liefert neben knappen theoretischen Exkursen eine Vielzahl von realisierten Projektbeispielen, die von der Krippe bis zum Gymnasium, vom Kulturhaus fur Kinder bis zum Jugendzentrum faszinierende Loesungen fur das breite Spektrum an Bauaufgaben fur Kinder und Jugendliche aufzeigen.
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Building Schools: Key Issues for Contemporary Design

Chiles, Prue [ed]
For some time now, school buildings have represented an important field in architecture, and there is an enduring interest in the challenges this design task presents. This book explains in eleven chapters the central parameters for this architectural typology.
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Building Type Basics for College and University Facilities

Neuman D J
Written by an expert who is the architect of the University of Virginia, Building Type Basics for College and University Facilities provides an updated essential guide to the design of college and university buildings.
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Campus Landscape Planning & Design

Design Media
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Case Design - A School In The Making

case Design, Mumbai
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Childcare Facilities: Construction and Design Manual

Meuser, Natascha
Exploring nursery schools and childcare facilities from an architectural perspective, this publication provides a cultural-historical account of their development, defines design tasks, and formulates quality standards for playing-learning architecture and environments.
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Children's Spaces

Dudek, Mark~~
A collection of essays concerned with the experiences children have within the supervised worlds they inhabit, as well as with architecture and landscape architecture. It illustrates international examples of innovative childcare practice together with the design processes which informed their development.
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