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Constructing the Architect: An Introduction to Design, Research, Planning, and Education

Bachman, Leonard R. (University of Houst
This introductory textbook focuses on architecture as a disciplinary and professional process, a role in society, and a career of learning and mastery. An essential introduction for any student seeking to understand what it means to be an architect.
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The Design-Build Studio: Crafting Meaningful Work in Architecture Education

Stonorov T
The Design Build Studio examines sixteen international community driven design-build case studies through process and product, with preceding chapters on community involvement, digital and handcraft methodologies and a graphic Time Map.
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Designing Buildings for the Future of Schooling: Contemporary Visions for Education

Daniels, Harry
Bringing together leading experts from the fields of architecture, engineering, education and the social sciences, this collection presents a multi-dimensional understanding of the complexities and ways in which school design influences and is influenced by educational practice and present a bold vision for the future use of school buildings.
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Public Interest Design Education Guidebook: Curricula, Strategies, and SEED Academic Case Studies

Abendroth, Lisa M. (Metropolitan State U
Public Interest Design Education Guidebook is the second in Routledge's Public Interest Design Guidebook trilogy - a series dedicated to educating distinct audiences about the power and potential of public interest design.
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Rethinking Basic Design in Architectural Education: Foundations Past and Future

Ozkar , Mine
Theoretical and historical insights into beginning design education in architecture schools.
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Kindergarten & School Plans

Minguet, Anna
Kindergarten & School Plans includes over 140 floor plans, sections, sketches and elevations, and construction details for 22 projects.
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