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Britain's Greatest Bridges

Rogers, Joseph
From the world-renowned to the minor and the modest take a look at this lavishly illustrated look at some of Britain's best loved and iconic bridges.
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CESMM4 Revised: Examples

Attridge, Mike
5 609,61 ₽
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Fundamentals of Deep Excavations

Ou, Chang-Yu (National Taiwan University
6 118,55 ₽
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Design of Shallow and Deep Foundations

Frank, Roger
4 384,67 ₽
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Soft Ground Tunnel Design

Jones, Benoit (Inbye Engineering, UK)
6 118,55 ₽
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Structural Analysis Fundamentals

Gayed, Ramez (Thyssenkrupp Industrial So
4 588,66 ₽
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Fundamentals of Ground Improvement Engineering

Evans, Jeffrey (Bucknell University, USA
4 588,66 ₽
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Developments in Structural Form

Mainstone, Rowland
Identifying features that distinguish the forms built by man from those shaped by nature, this book discusses the physical and other constraints on the choices that can be made. It then looks at the elementary forms - arches, domes, beams, slabs and the like - which combine into the more complex forms of complete structures.
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Introduction to Natural and Man-made Disasters and Their Effects on Buildings

McDonald, Roxanna
Acts as a comprehensive guide to different types of natural and man made disasters and their effect on buildings. This book gives guidance and a basic technical understanding of prevention, mitigation and management of disaster, and outlines a checklist of preventive design elements for each situation.
4 384,67 ₽
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Seismic Design for Architects

Charleson A
Shows how structural requirements for seismic resistance can become an integral part of the design process. Emphasizing design and discussing key concepts with accompanying visual material, this book offers architects the background knowledge and practical tools needed to deal with aspects of seismic design at various stages of the design process.
5 608,59 ₽
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