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70 Years of Art in Architecture in Germany

Bundesministerium des Innern, fur Bau un
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A History of Ottoman Architecture

Goodwin G
Treating the subject chronologically and in historical perspective, this is a comprehensive survey of Ottoman architecture, with references to Byzantine, Persian and Selcuk examples and discussion of the effects of conquests, religions and social organization.
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All the Buildings in Paris: That I've Drawn So Far

Hancock, James Gulliver
This book is the perfect companion to Rizzoli s extremely successful This is Paris, and sure to be a hit in the thriving market for Parisian gift books. It is a unique visual keepsake of Paris and a standout among other more traditional photography or illustrated books on the city of light.
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Alt, Rudolf von, / Oláh, Stefan
Rudolf (von) Alt malte und aquarellierte Menschen, Landschaften, Doerfer und Stadte in den Kronlandern der Habsburger Monarchie, auf der Krim, in Italien und in Deutschland. Stefan Olah fotografiert Architektur, Lebens- und Kulturraume vom Himalaya bis Brasilien - und in Wien.
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An Enterprising Path to Barrio Chino: A Story of Barcelona

Smith, Peter Cookson
An imaginative means of looking at the city of Barcelona and its modern history from a new perspective; a series of drawings injected within the text, illustrating growth and change in the city fabric over almost two hundred years.
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Anything goes?: Berlin Architectures of the 1980s

Muller, Ursula
For the first time, this publication and the accompanying exhibition examine the significance of the architectural visions developed in East and West Berlin in the final decade before the fall of the Berlin Wall.
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Architectural Guide Riga

Krastins, Janis
This guide book is a must-have for all who are interested in European architecture and its rich history of diversified culture. Undoubtedly Riga is famous for its unique mixture of styles and traces of war and politics: German roots, Art Nouveau at its highest quality, Soviet Modernism, and a young European's nation on its way to architectural prof
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Architectural Guide Venice

Kusch, Clemens F.
Venice is undoubtedly one of the most written upon cities and certainly the most photographed one. And yet another guide on Venice? Five walking tours take you to discover the modern Venice, the less known side of the city, hidden and far away from the well known places. These proposed itinerates take you to the new residential areas and restored w
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Architecture and the Turkish City: An Urban History of Istanbul since the Ottomans

Gul M
The Architecture of Istanbul is something that attracts attention both in academia and has potential for wider interest. This book looks at Turkey's social and political history through the architecture - a unique approach.
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