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Nordic Light: Modern Scandinavian Architecture

Plummer, Henry
Celebrates established icons, newly discovered gems and contemporary masterworks that represent the highest expression of Scandinavian design and response to their environment.
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New Swiss Architecture

Herschdorfer N
Documents fifty of the most important buildings of the last decade through architectural photographs that highlight their exceptional detail, attention to context and material experimentation.
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Paris Between the Wars: Art, Style and Glamour in the Crazy Years

Bouvet V
In the years between 1919 and 1939, Paris experienced a cultural and intellectual boom. This book explores the various aspects of the city during the interwar years, when Paris truly was the City of Light. It offers coverage ranging from architecture and technology, to fashion, cafe culture and the gay scene.
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Dacha Idylls: Living Organically in Russia's Countryside

Caldwell, Melissa L.
Offers an account of dacha life and how Russians experience this deeply rooted tradition of the summer cottage amid the changing cultural, economic, and political landscape of postsocialist Russia. This book captures the dacha's abiding traditions and demonstrates why Russians insist that these dwellings are key to understanding Russian life.
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The Other Paris: An illustrated journey through a city's poor and Bohemian past

Sante, Luc
Paris, the City of Light, the city of fine dining, seductive couture and intellectual hauteur, was until fairly recently always accompanied by its shadow: the city of the poor, the outcast, the criminal, the eccentric, the wilfully nonconforming.
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Urban Regeneration in Europe

Couch, Chris
'I am delighted to endorse this book, which considers and debates urban regeneration in Europe. Its comprehensive aim of understanding regeneration problems is given a unique insight by the use of practical European examples.
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The House of Government: A Saga of the Russian Revolution

Slezkine, Yuri
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Quiet Barcelona

Wall A
Following from Quiet London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles, comes Barcelona, the next in the series discovering quiet places in the midst of some of the busiest cities in the world.
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Landscapes of Communism: A History Through Buildings

Hatherley, Owen
Reveals the history of twentieth-century communist Europe told through its buildings. This is a book about power, and what power does in cities. It is a journey of discovery, plunging us into the maelstrom of socialist architecture.
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