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New Islamist Architecture and Urbanism: Negotiating Nation and Islam through Built Environment in Turkey

Batuman B
This book scrutinizes the spatial making of new Islamism in Turkey through comparisons with relevant cases across the globe.
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Nordic Classicism: Scandinavian Architecture 1910-1930

Stewart, John (Independent Scholar, UK)
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Caravans: Lives on Wheels in Contemporary Europe

Hoyer Leivestad, Hege
In Caravans, Hege Hoyer Leivestad opens the caravan door to understand how daily life is organised among Britons and Swedes who have relocated, either seasonally or permanently, to mobile homes. Leivestad investigates how the caravan and campsite come to fit and challenge conventional domestic ideals.
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Confronting Suburbanization: Urban Decentralization in Postsocialist Central and Eastern Europe

Stanilov K
This fascinating book explains the processes of suburbanization in the context of post-socialist societies transitioning from one system of socio-spatial order to another. Case studies of seven Central and Eastern Europe city regions illuminate growth patterns and key conditions for the emergence of sprawl.
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Dublin Pubs

Dargan, Pat
A fascinating tour of Dublin's pub scene, charting the city's taverns, alehouses and watering holes, from past centuries to more recent times.
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Infrastructure and the Architectures of Modernity in Ireland 1916-2016

Boyd, Gary A.
This book explores the interaction between the universalising and globalising tendencies of modernisation on one hand and the textures of local architectures on the other.
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German Facade Design: Traditions of Screening from 1500 to Modernism

Ott , Professor Randall
This book posits the 'screen facade' as a counter-narrative critiquing the essentialist, 'authentic' canon currently dominant in Western architectural history.
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