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Sustainable Stockholm: Exploring Urban Sustainability in Europe's Greenest City

Metzger J & Amy R Olsson-
Sustainable Stockholm provides a historical overview of Stockholm's environmental development, and also discusses a number of cross-disciplinary themes presenting the urban sustainability work behind Stockholm's unique position, and importantly the question of how well Stockholm's practices can be exported and transposed to other places and contexts.
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Spatial Planning Systems and Practices in Europe: A Comparative Perspective on Continuity and Changes

Reimer, Mario
Spatial Planning Systems and Practices in Europe is an overview of converging, diverging, and changing spatial planning practices across the European Union.
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Istanbul: Informal Settlements and Generative Urbanism

Billig, Noah
Istanbul: Informal Settlements and Generative Urbanism analyses two informal housing settlements in Istanbul, Turkey, Karanfilkoey and Fatih Sultan Mehmet, to examine how generatively built structures and neighbourhoods can be successfully utilised in modern regional and urban planning.
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Creative Regions in Europe

Clifton, Nick (Cardiff Metropolitan Univ
The book aims to reconcile international discourses around the creative and cultural industries with local and regional development that has specific economic, geographical and institutional contexts across Europe. It focuses primarily on the policy level but also includes perspectives from the sector and its creative workers.
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Algarve Building: Modernism, Regionalism and Architecture in the South of Portugal, 1925-1965

Agarez R
Focusing on the design and building practices developed in the Portuguese region of the Algarve over four decades from the first signs of modern movement influence to the eve of mass-tourism development, this book looks at three essential themes in twentieth-century architecture - modernism, regionalism and popular building traditions commonly known as vernacular.
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Waterfronts Revisited: European ports in a historic and global perspective

Porfyriou, Heleni (Ed.)
Waterfronts Revisited addresses the historical evolution of port cities and re-examines waterfront development.
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Remaking Post-Industrial Cities: Lessons from North America and Europe

Carter, Donald
Remaking Post-Industrial Cities: Lessons from North America and Europe examines the transformation of post-industrial cities after the collapse of big industry in the 1980s, presenting a holistic approach to restoring post-industrial cities.
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