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Density & Atmosphere: On Factors relating to Building Density in the European City

Eberle, Dietmar & Troger, Eberhard (Eds.
Offers a thorough study of the relationship between the characteristics of construction density and the ensuing atmospheres, distribution of uses and their value. This book includes 36 case study examples in Zurich, Vienna, Munich and Berlin that were documented and assessed, from the outskirts to the center of the city with photographs.
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Architectural Guide Venice: Architectural Guide

Kusch, Clemens F.
Venice is undoubtedly one of the most written upon cities and certainly the most photographed one. And yet another guide on Venice? Five walking tours take you to discover the modern Venice, the less known side of the city, hidden and far away from the well known places. These proposed itinerates take you to the new residential areas and restored w
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Lisbon Architectural Map 1948 - 2019

A Books
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Steel Cities: The Architecture of Logistics in Central and Eastern Europe

Riha, Tadeas
A study on the fast development of the logistics industry in Central and Eastern Europe and the transformation of farmland into vast 'Steel Cities' caused by it, highlighting its hugely problematic effects on the built environment, landscapes, societies and individuals. Text in English and Czech.
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Ukraine: Art for Architecture

Nikiforov, Yevgen
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Architecture of the Islamic West: North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula, 700-1800

Bloom, Jonathan M.
An authoritative survey situating some of the Western world's most renowned buildings within a millennium of Islamic history
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The Art Nouveau Dacha

Nasmyth, Peter
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Nordic Modernism: Scandinavian Architecture 1890-2015

Miller, W.C.
Modernism was instrumental in the development of twentieth and twenty-first century Scandinavian architecture. This book covers the romantic and classical architectural foundations of Nordic modernism; the development of Nordic Functionalism; and the maturing and expansion of Nordic modern architecture in the post-war period.
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