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Cities in Transition: Social Innovation for Europe's Urban Sustainability

Sauer T, Elsen S & Garzillo, C
Cities in Transition focuses on the sustainability transitions initiated in 40 European cities. The book presents the incredible wealth of insights gathered through hundreds of interviews and questionnaires.
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New Nordic Houses

Bradbury, Dominic
Overflowing with stunning photography, this collection discovers the best contemporary houses across Scandinavia's most beautiful and remote locations, designed by both emerging and established architects.
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Great Gothic Cathedrals of France: A Visitor's Guide

Parry, S
An informative exploration of some of France's gothic cathedrals, intended as a visitor's guide it covers both art historical and architectural approaches.
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Luxury for All: Milestones in European Stepped Terrace Housing

Steixner, Gerhard
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Wood and Wood Joints: Building Traditions of Europe, Japan and China

Zwerger, Klaus
Reveals the know-how of Western and Eastern cultures about the creative use of this distinctive material.
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Squares: Urban Spaces in Europe

Wolfrum S
The question of spatial composition and user quality of sites arises in every urban design concept or intervention in urban public spaces. This is a wide-ranging reference work, in which, the design and proportions of urban squares are compared and studied. It presents seventy European public squares.
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The Amsterdam School

Architectura & Natura
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