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Plattenbau Berlin: A Photographic Survey of Postwar Residential Architecture

Simon, Jesse
This book takes a fresh look at Plattenbauten, the iconic residential buildings that Berliners love to hate; celebrating the beauty of their textural details and discovering a microcosm of twentieth-century urbanism in the story of their construction.
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Italy: Jose Gelabert-Navia

Gelabert-Navia, Jose
Wandering amidst the shadows of the Venetian light I have tried to portray the beauty of this luminous city.
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Scandinavian Architecture

Andreu, David
A comprehensive survey of contemporary Nordic architecture, featuring more than 100 colour photographs showcasing the region's traditions and adapted styles.
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Made in Norway: Norwegian Architecture Today

Almaas, Ingerid Helsing
A documentation of 30 recent projects by Norwegian architects built since 2007, including previously unpublished material and interviews with Snoehetta and Sverre Fehn.
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Monotown: Urban Dreams Brutal Imperatives

Strange, C
A study on the single industry towns particular to Russia, established during the Soviet Union in uninhabited parts of the Siberian hinterland, and examining the challenges faced by those towns' populations, both historically and today.
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Surprising Architecture Ibiza

Martinez Alonso, Claudia
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The Spanish Style House: From Enchanted Andalusia to the California Dream

Mendoza, Ruben G.
Luminous new photography showcases contemporary and historic homes in the beloved Spanish style in Southern California, while offering, as well, a rare look at the original inspirations to the style, born in Andalusia, Spain.
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The Art of the City: Rome, Florence, Venice

Simmel, Georg
A quartet of brilliant essays, from one of Germany's greatest and most influential thinkers, that are beautifully written and highly readable portraits of three Italian cities: Rome, Venice and Florence.
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Villages & Towns 9 - Iberia (part 2 )

Global Architecture
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