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Climate Emergency

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Housing Fit For Purpose: Performance, Feedback and Learning

Stevenson, Fionn
Housing Fit for Purpose sets out a research-focused approach to looking at the challenges facing the built environment in approaching the design, construction and management of housing.
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When the Sahara Was Green: How Our Greatest Desert Came to Be

Williams, Martin
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Meltdown: The Earth Without Glaciers

Taillant, Jorge Daniel (Founder and Exec
In Meltdown, Jorge Daniel Taillant explains the ways glaciers influence our ecosystem and what we need to know about a changing climate. He takes readers deep into the cryosphere and explains how glacier melt will impact the way we live. The book reveals the importance of glaciers, what happens to the planet when they melt, and how humans can survive in these changing circumstances.
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Disaster by Choice: How our actions turn natural hazards into catastrophes

Kelman, Ilan (Professor of Disasters and
We speak of earthquakes, floods, and wildfires as 'natural disasters'. In this provocative book, Ilan Kelman argues that the true disaster is not caused by natural phenomena, but by human choices which leave people unprepared and at terrible risk. He explores how we can and should act to stop people dying when nature unleashes its powers.
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Resilient City: Landscape Architecture for Climate Change

Mertens, Elke
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