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Gothic Revival

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Gothic Wonder: Art, Artifice, and the Decorated Style, 1290-1350

Binski P
Focusing on one of the greatest periods of English art and architecture, this book includes arguments about the role of invention, making and the powers of Gothic art. It locates what became known as the Decorated Style within patterns of commissioning, designing and imagining whose origins lay in pre-Gothic art.
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Episodes in the Gothic Revival

Webster C
The stylistic shift during the nineteenth century which saw the Classical tradition challenged by a renewed interest in Gothic was one of the centurys most profound architectural developments.
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Gothic: An Illustrated History

Luckhurst, Roger
The story of the Gothic, from early architecture and literature to the modern horror genre, illustrated by the beautiful, the macabre and the strange.
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George Frederick Bodley and the Later Gothic Revival in Britain and America

Bodley: Hall M
British architect George Frederick Bodley (1827-1907) fundamentally shaped the architecture, art and design of the Anglican Church throughout England and the world; his work survives in the United States, Australia, India and Italy, as well as the United Kingdom. This book aims to explore the life and work of this major Gothic Revival architect.
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Anthony Salvin: Pioneer of Gothic Revival Architecture

Salvin A Allibone J
A first, full-length study of the life and work of a leading domestic architect of the Victorian era, illustrated with original pictures, plans and photographs, and containing a full catalogue raisonne of all Salvin's work.
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Canterbury and the Gothic Revival

Lyle L
Canterbury Cathedral's medieval Gothic image survived centuries of religious discord, neglect and Georgian 'improvements'.
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Georgian Gothic: Medievalist Architecture, Furniture and Interiors, 1730-1840: 8

Lindfield P
First full-length study of the impact of the Gothic Revival across the arts, from literature and architectural theory to houses, furniture and interiors.
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