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Health and Safety

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Health and Safety in Brief

Ridley, John
Guides the reader through Health and Safety legislation and explains how to comply with it in practical terms. This title is suitable for safety representatives and managers, and for students on introductory health & safety and general management courses.
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Fire Performance Analysis for Buildings

Fitzgerald R
A building fire is dynamic. A continually changing hostile fire environment influences time relationships that affect fire defenses and risks to people and building functions. The fire and fire defenses in each building interact with different sequences and distinct ways. Risks are characterized by the building s performance.
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Strategic Safety Management in Construction and Engineering

Zou, Patrick
Although the construction and engineering sector makes important contributions to the economic, social, and environmental objectives of a nation, it has a notorious reputation for being an unsafe industry in which to work. Despite the fact that safety performance in the industry has improved, injuries and fatalities still occur frequently.
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Contractor Health and Safety Compliance for Small to Medium-Sized Construction Companies

Mustapha, Zakari
This book explores the formation of small and medium-sized construction company's (SME) compliance with health and safety issues in developing countries. Little has been written about the formation of SME contractors' health and safety compliance for developing countries, especially, in the sub-sahara regions.
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