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Houses and Apartments

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FARM + LAND'S Back to the Land: A Guide to Modern Outdoor Life

Pikovsky, Freddie
Cabin Porn meets The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide in this visually driven celebration of cozy homes, wild landscapes, and life's simple and enduring pleasures.
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Coastal Homes of the World

Butterworth M
Be inspired, dream away and imagine yourself living and breathing in all the wonderment of coastal living in these spectacular of homes.
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Architects' Houses

Webb, Michael
Thirty pioneering houses designed by architects for themselves over the past decade, revealing the ingenious ways they have addressed the challenges of creating a contemporary living space.
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White Houses

Jodidio, Philip
The first book devoted to all-white houses celebrates modernist idealism and the play of light and shadow, showing how white can act as the perfect backdrop against which to animate our lifestyles.
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Adobe Houses: Homes of Sun and Earth

Masson, Kathryn
Alluring adobe-brick houses of California here hint at the charms of a bygone age while offering, at the same time, a vision for home today.
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Making House: Designers at Home

Bradbury, Dominic
This book celebrates inventive and inspired homes that are at once original and the product of visionary designers at the height of their powers.
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Bali By Design: 25 Contemporary Houses

Inglis, Kim
Enjoy this thorough exploration of Balinese design with stunning photographs of the most exemplary architecture and interiors in Bali.
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Tiny Houses in the City

Zeiger, Mimi
A presentation of micro-scaled contemporary residences that demonstrate domesticity can be both compact and beautiful.
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