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Landscape Architecture

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250 Things a Landscape Architect Should Know

Ivers, Cannon
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Urban Farmers: The Now (and How) of Growing Food in the City

Gestalten, Valery
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No Matter How Many Skies Have Fallen: Back to the land in wartime England

Worpole, Ken
In March 1943 a group of Christian pacifists took possession of a vacant farm in Frating in Essex. There they established a working community. Frating Hall Farm provided a settlement and livelihood for individuals and families, and a temporary sanctuary for refugees and prisoners of war. This is the story of the community and its legacy.
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Abandoned Industrial Places: Factories, laboratories, mills and mines that the world left behind

Ross, David
With 200 outstanding colour photographs and fascinating captions, Abandoned Industrial Places is a brilliant pictorial examination of derelict factories, underground and opencast mines, nuclear power stations and gasworks, atomic test sites, space research centres, Victorian English mill towns, American gold rush settlements and much more.
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The Making of Our Urban Landscape

Tyack, Geoffrey (Emeritus Fellow, Univer
The Making of the English Urban Landscape tells the story of our towns and cities and how they came into being over the last two millennia.
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Planning in the Early Medieval Landscape

Blair, John
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Landscape and Sustainable Development: The French Perspective

Luginbuhl, Yves
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Private & Public Garden Design: Small Gardens

Mazzucchelli, Cristina
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An Economic History of the English Garden

Floud, Roderick
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