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Landscape Architecture

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Waterfront Landscapes

Fang, Chloe
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Harmony between Architecture & Scenery

Wagner, Luc
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Vertical Garden Design: A Comprehensive Guide: Systems, Plants and Case Studies

Aihong, Li
Vertical Garden Design is a complete encyclopaedia on the subject - and includes an interview with Patrick Blanc, the man credited as being the inventor of the vertical garden.
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A Philosophy of Landscape Construction: The Vision of Built Landscapes

Ferguson, Bruce
A Philosophy of Landscape Construction outlines a philosophy of values in landscape construction, demonstrating how integral structures, such as pavements and walls, constitute a key element to how people interact with and inhabit the final design.
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Waste Matters: Adaptive Reuse for Productive Landscapes

Bouchard, Nikole (University of Wisconsi
Waste Matters presents a series of historical and contemporary design ideas that reimagine a range of repurposed materials at diverse scales and in various contexts by exploring methods of hacking, disassembly, reassembly, recycling, adaptive reuse and preservation of the built environment.
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Fire: A Very Short Introduction

Scott, Andrew C. (Royal Holloway, Univer
Fire has shaped the Earth's landscape and vegetation for the past 400 million years. This book explores the history of wildfire, and how humans have sought to use and manage it. The need to understand fire has never been greater, as human settlements encroach on flammable landscapes and wildfires increase with climate change.
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Islamic Gardens and Landscapes

Ruggles, D. Fairchild
A comprehensive survey of Islamic gardens, from antiquity through to the present.
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Masters of their Craft: The Art, Architecture and Garden Design of the Nesfields

Nesfields: Evans, S Rose-
A masterful work of biography and art history, telling the story of the eminent Victorian designers William Andrews Nesfield and William Eden Nesfield, the development of their styles, and their legacy for British architecture and design.
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