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Nicholas Hawksmoor London Map

Hopkins, Owen
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London National Park City: Greater London Area Urban Nature Map

Urban Good
The massive map includes all of the parks, woodlands, playing fields, nature reserves, city farms, rivers, canals, and all the spaces that contribute to London's parkland. Some of the most iconic walks through and around London are drawn along with symbols marking places to swim outdoors, climb peaks, pitch a tent or go kayaking.
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Great Trees of London Map

Wood, Paul
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Ruined Skylines: Aesthetics, Politics and London's Towering Cityscape

Gassner, Gunter
Ruined Skylines examines the skyline as a space for radical urban politics. Focusing on the relationship between aesthetics and politics in London's tall-building boom, it develops a critique of the construction of more and more speculative towers as well as a critique of the claim that these buildings ruin the historic cityscape.
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Millennial Metropolis: Space, Place and Territory in the Remaking of London

Hutton, Tom (University of British Colum
The text offers a critical perspective on complex and consequential aspects of growth and change in London, viewed through the lens of multiscalar space, and exemplary case studies. It demonstrates how capital, culture and governance have combined to reproduce London, within a frame of relational geographies and historical relayering.
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London's Railway Stations

Green, Oliver
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London - Being in the Library

Adjaye: Keiser, D
An artistic reflection on the impact of David Adjaye's architecture for the Idea Stores in London, featuring also a conversation with David Adjaye on London's new public neighbourhood libraries.
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Mudlark'd: Hidden Histories from the River Thames

Russell, Malcolm
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