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Timber Design

McMullin P
Timber Design covers timber fundamentals for students and professional architects and engineers, such as tension elements, flexural elements, shear and torsion, compression elements, connections, and lateral design.
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Advancing Wood Architecture: A Computational Approach

Menges, Achim (ed.)
This book offers the first comprehensive overview of the new architectural possibilities that are offered by cutting edge computational technologies in wood construction.
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Building Materials, Health and Indoor Air Quality: No Breathing Space?

Woolley, Tom
The impact of building materials and construction methods on the health and wellbeing of occupants is often underestimated. This book is an essential guide to understanding and avoiding hazardous materials and poor air quality in buildings.
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Reclaimed Wood: A Field Guide

Armster, Klaas
Wood reclaimed from old houses, factories, barns, water tanks, and boardwalks has become a valuable commodity, treasured for the patina that gives witness to its history. This edition is the first complete visual handbook to this popular resource, covering history, culture, salvage, sources, contemporary uses in buildings and furniture, and practical advice.
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Cement Chemistry Third edition

Richardson, Ian; Taylor, HFW
Cement Chemistry addresses the chemistry and materials science of the principal silicate and aluminate cements used in building and Civil engineering.
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Mitchell: Everett
A well-known and respected standard reference, this fifth edition provides a thorough treatment of the properties of building materials and their manufacture, both on-site and in the factory. The emphasis is on matching materials with the performance required.
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