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Designing the Forest and other Mass Timber Futures

Wikstrom, Lindsey
This book positions the supply chain of mass timber as a design project, critiquing sourcing today and proposing a species-based methodology.
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Building Materials: Material Theory and the Architectural Specification

Lloyd Thomas, Professor Katie
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FABRIC[ated]: Fabric Innovation and Material Responsibility in Architecture

Stonorov, Tolya
FABRIC[ated] examines fabric as a catalyst for innovation, reflection, change and transformation in architecture.
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Oak-Framed Buildings

Newman, Rupert
Oak-framed Buildings is a practical and inspiring guide to their design and construction, written by expert craftsman Rupert Newman.
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Touch Wood: Material, Architecture, Future

Ferrer, Carla
A multilayered work about the building material of the 21st century
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Essential Cob Construction: A Guide to Design, Engineering, and Building

Dente, Anthony
Essential Cob Construction presents both hands-on and rigorous technical information on how to build code compliant, low-embodied carbon, and fire- and earthquake-resistant buildings from cob - a mix of clay, sand and straw. The definitive cob guide for engineers, architects, designers, contractors, and owner-builders.
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Sustainable Nanomaterials for the Construction Industry

Huseien, Ghasan Fahim
Sustainable Nanomaterials for the Construction Industry examines applications of sustainable nanomaterials used in the building construction sector. The chapters focus on sustainable construction materials using nanotechnology such as pigments, modified cement, polymer, glass, phase change materials, and air purification.
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