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The Fabric Formwork Book: Methods for Building New Architectural and Structural Forms in Concrete

West, Mark
The Fabric Formwork Book provides the first comprehensive handbook on the emerging technology of flexible moulds for reinforced concrete architecture. Beautifully designed and illustrated with a superb range of images, diagrams and technical drawings, the book both informs and inspires.
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Materials for Engineers and Technicians

Bolton, William
This comprehensive introduction to materials engineering and manufacturing processes for BTEC Level 2 students and beginning level 3 students is updated to current European-wide standards, more cases on selection of materials, sustainability and 3D printing, and more on recycling.
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Basics Glass Construction

Achilles, Andreas
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Contemporary Concrete Buildings

Jodidio, Philip
Once synonymous with eyesore highway bridges and crumbling, unloved walls, concrete has been reborn as adventurous and sexy. This two-volume book considers the elaborate feats and prodigious engineering of contemporary concrete architecture, from stars such as Tadao Ando and Herzog & de Meuron, to fresh new studios like the Russian SPEECH.
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Building with Large Clay Blocks: Details, Products, Examples

Hugues, Theodor
In modern masonry work it is customary to use large size blocks in building. Using two houses as examples, this work presents the details in a scale of 1:10. It elucidates on critical points, showing where care should be given to achieve sustainable results.
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Best of Detail: Beton/Concrete

Schittich C
Presents highlights from the magazine published in recent years about concrete, a powerful medium for architectural expression. In additional to compelling specialist articles, this book contains a special section with a wide range of examples to inspire your own architectural practice, from train stations and churches to single-family homes.
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best of DETAIL Material + Oberflache/ best of DETAIL Materials + Finishes: Highlights aus DETAIL / Highlights from DETAIL

Materials and their finishes lend buildings and interiors their distinctive characters. Yet, which criteria persuade architects to use or not use a particular material? How do they find the right one among a seamlessly endless array of materials? This book presents different approaches of renowned architecture firms in how they select materials.
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The New Science of Strong Materials: Or Why You Don't Fall Through the Floor

Gordon, J.E.
All questions about the nature of materials are vital to engineers but also fascinating as scientific problems. Using both SI and imperial units, Gordon's account of material science is a demonstration of the sometimes curious and entertaining ways in which scientists isolate and solve problems.
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