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Middle East

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Aleppo: The Rise and Fall of Syria's Great Merchant City

Mansel P
Invaluable to all those interested in the magnificent history of this now-ruined city.
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Architectural Heritage of Yemen - Buildings that Fill My Eye

Gingko Library Art Series
Twenty chapters, authored by leading scholars from around the world, explore the astonishing variety of building styles and traditions that have evolved over millennia in a region of diverse terrains, extreme climates and distinctive local histories.
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Architecture and Globalisation in the Persian Gulf Region

Fraser M
The Persian Gulf, possessing half of the world's total oil reserves, has over the past few centuries become a major centre of global attention and conflict. Extensive recent architectural and planning activity in Persian Gulf countries has been equally dramatic and influential.
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Architecture in Context: Designing in the Middle East

Radoine H
Architecture in Context: Designing in the Middle East provides a foundation for understanding the critical context of architecture and design in this region. It does this by:
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Architecture of Resistance: Cultivating Moments of Possibility within the Palestinian/Israeli Conflict

Sharif Y
Interrogates - through the mechanism of research. This book provides a visual documentary account of the urban and spatial consequences of Palestinian life under Israeli occupation.
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Arish: Palm-Leaf Architecture

Piesik, Sandra
Traditional buildings made from the leaves of date palms have provided shelter from the extreme climate of the Arabian peninsula for centuries. This title provides a survey of palm-leaf architecture: its history and traditions.
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Baghdad Arts Deco: Architectural Brickwork 1920-1950

Pieri, Caecilia
Reveals the splendours of early twentieth-century architecture still standing in Iraq's capital, despite international sanctions and the ravages of war. Caecilia Pieri's photographs (taken between 2003 and 2006)present Baghdad's architecture in a historic
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