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Middle East

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The Architecture of Yemen and Its Reconstruction

Damluji, Salma Samar
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Forensic Architecture - Violence at the Threshold of Detectability

Weizman, Eyal (Goldsmiths, University of
A new form of investigative practice that uses architecture as an optical device to investigate armed conflicts and environmental destruction.
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Riyadh: Transforming a Desert City

Elsheshtawy, Yasser
Riyadh presents critical theoretical insights, personal observations, and serendipitous encounters to deftly demonstrate how the city thrives through the actions of its people. It is a vision of an urbanity where both the spectacular and the everyday co-exist, not just dedicated to the few, but one that serves the many.
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Urban Design in the Arab World: Reconceptualizing Boundaries

Saliba, Robert
Providing a critical overview of the state of contemporary urban design in the Arab World, this book conceptualizes the field under four major perspectives: urban design as discourse, as discipline, as research, and as practice. It poses the questions: how can such a diversity of practice be positioned with regard to current international trends in
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Dust: Egypt's Forgotten Architecture, Revised and Expanded Edition

Nikolskaya, Xenia
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Traditional Domestic Architecture of the Arab Region

Ragette, Friedrich ~~~
For the first time the domestic architecture of the whole Arab region is being considered. An extensive analytical part is supported by a collection of more than 200 examples from thirteen countries.
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Modernism and the Middle East: Architecture and Politics in the Twentieth Century

Isenstadt S
Focuses on the development of modern architecture in the Middle East. Ranging from Jerusalem at the turn of the 20th century to Libya under Italian colonial rule, post-war Turkey, and on to Iraq, this title looks around the historical encounter between the politics of nation-building and architectural modernism's materials, methods, and motives.
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Iranian Architecture: A Visual History

Sardashti, Sohrab
This fully illustrated publication is a magnificent pictorial survey of the great architectural monuments of Iran.
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Land. Milk. Honey: Animal Stories in Imagined Landscapes

Gottesman, Rachel
The official publication of the Israeli Pavilion at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale 2021 is a unique exploration of how ideology translated into colonialism, settlement, urbanisation, infrastructure, and mechanised agriculture, radically reshaped the environment of Palestine-Israel.
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