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Middle East

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White City, Black City: Architecture and War in Tel Aviv and Jaffa

Rotbard S
A hidden history of colonialism and war in Jaffa and Tel Aviv as seen through its changing architectural landscape
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Seizing Jerusalem: The Architectures of Unilateral Unification

Shiftan A Zitzan-
The first architectural history of post-1967 Jerusalem, revealing the ways architectural modernism and Zionism have intertwined to imagine and reshape the city
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Architectural Heritage of Yemen: Buildings that Fill My Eye

Gingko Library Art Series
Twenty chapters, authored by leading scholars from around the world, explore the astonishing variety of building styles and traditions that have evolved over millennia in a region of diverse terrains, extreme climates and distinctive local histories.
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Being Urban: Community, Conflict and Belonging in the Middle East

Goldhill, Simon
In Being Urban, Simon Goldhill and his team of outstanding urbanists explore the meaning of the urban condition, with particular reference to the Middle East.
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Planning Middle Eastern Cities: An Urban Kaleidoscope

Elsheshtaawy, Yasser
Cities in the Arab world are too diverse and hybrid to be lumped together as a single, arbitrary group. This title includes six case-study cities that support that contention.
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Intensive Beyrouth: Youssef Thome

ohme Y : Dana K
"Building in Lebanon is my way of taking a position with regard to the war." This statement by the French-Lebanese architect Youssef Tohme is key to getting into and grasping Intensive Beirut, which looks at his key projects.
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Israel Lessons: Industrial Arcadia. Teaching and Research in Architecture

Gugger, Harry
An urbanist research project on concepts of social space rooted in land domestication and landscape idolatry; and an exploration of the role agriculture played in modern Israel's urbanisation processes, creation of a national narrative, and changes in local climate.
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Modern Architecture Kuwait: 1949 -1989

Fabbri R
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In Statu Quo: Structures of Negotiation

Finkelman, Ifat
Architectures negotiating identities: The Israeli Pavilion
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United Arab Emirates: Architectural Guide

Bohle, Hendrik & Jan Dimog
From the record-breaking architecture of Dubai to the majestic gravitas of buildings found in Abu Dhabi, this book combines the diversity and complexity of the United Arab Emirates. Indeed, the rich building culture of the lesser known emirates Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fu-jairah is also given emphasis. The (architectural) history of
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