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Modern Architecture and the Sacred: Religious Legacies and Spiritual Renewal

Anderson, Dr Ross (University of Sydney,
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Golconde: The Introduction of Modernism in India

Vir Gupta, Pankaj
Golconde is an astonishing architectural accomplishment. With technical finesse and extraordinary craft, it offers a living testament to the original modernist credo - architecture as the manifest union of technology, aesthetics, and social reform. Here exists an undiluted view of a wholly triumphant tropical Modernism, built during the tumultuous years of the second world war.
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The Built Work of Giuseppe Pizzigoni

Pizzigoni: Motta, L
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Modernism: An American Wake

Bercan Conrad-
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Modernising Post-war France: Architecture and Urbanism during Les Trente Glorieuses

Bullock, Nicholas
This book is about the role played by architects, engineers and planners in transforming France during the three post-war decades of growing prosperity, a period when modernisation was a central priority of the state, promising a way forward from the shame of defeat in 1940 to a place at the centre of the new Europe.
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Women Architects and Modernism in India: Narratives and contemporary practices

Desai, Madhavi
This book attempts to recover the stories of the women architects whose careers nearly parallel the development of modernism in colonial and postcolonial India. Extensively illustrated, featuring drawings and photographs, this book will be a milestone in the modernist narrative of South Asia.
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