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DOM Monographs

In addition to design manuals and architectural guides, DOM also publish monographs. These encompass case studies on well-known architectural practices, biographies of renowned architects or individual topics relating to specialised architectural themes. Well-defined theories, carefully focused theses and high-quality illustrations are the hallmarks of these titles.

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Galina Balashova: Architect of the Soviet Space Programme

Meuser, Philipp
A special edition marking 90th birthday of the Russian architect Galina Balashova, presenting a unique collection of designs for Soviet cosmonautics. Written in English, German, and Russian.
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Hong Kong Modern: Architecture of the 1950s-1970s

Koditek, Walter
A comprehensive overview on the architecture of Hong Kong's transformative period featuring more than 300 buildings, with detailed background information explaining and illustrating the design and history of these buildings.
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Housing for All: Building Catalogue

Andreas, Paul
Affordable housing is an enduring political challenge. This building catalogue documents over 130 residential buildings dedicated to affordable housing. It presents floor plans, large photos, key data, and clear diagrams, providing a comprehensive overview of the solutions being tested today.
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Choerten in Nepal: Architecture and Buddhist Votive Practice in the Himalaya

Gutschow, Niels
For more than two millennia Buddhism shaped the cultures of Central, South, Southeast, and East Asia. From ancient Bactria and Gandhara to Tibet, Mongolia, and Japan, from Sri Lanka and Myanmar to Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos, each territory had its own peculiar way of developing representations of the Buddha, the Bodhisattvas, and a variety of guardian deities and saints. Of particular importance is the representation of the Buddha and his teachings in an iconic form in the shape of an impassable building.
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Urbanity and Density: In 20th-Century Urban Design

Sonne, W
In the writing of urban design history of the twentieth century, functionalist and avant-garde models of the dissolution of the city are dominating. In contrast this book presents projects whose goal is the ideal of a dense and urbane city. Drawing on plans, built examples and theories of dense and urban cities and city districts in the twentieth c
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Unfinished Metropolis: Volume 1: 100 Years of Urban Planning for Greater Berlin / Volume 2: International Urban Planning Competition for Berlin-Brandenburg 2070. Perspectives from Europe

Architekten und Ingenieurverein zu Berli
Volume 1: 100 Years of Urban Planning for Greater Berlin
Volume 2: International Urban Planning Competition for Berlin-Brandenburg 2070
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Flying Panels: How Concrete Panels Changed the World

Alonso, Pedro Ignacio
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Imprint of the Future: Destiny of Piranesi's City

Anna Martovitskaya
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