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More Space for Architecture: The Work of O'Donnell + Tuomey

O'Donnell, Sheila
A companion volume to Space for Architecture by the award-winning architects O'Donnell and Tuomey, this new work features a selection of projects designed from 2015 to 2021, including the competition-winning V&A East and Sadler's Wells East, both under construction in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London.
$37.96 $45.47
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With Nature: The Landscapes of Fiona Brockhoff

Brockhoff, Fiona
With Nature is an inspirational guide to garden design, landscaping and working with nature
$45.55 $53.14
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Golden Lane Estate: An Urban Village

Orazi, Stefi
A stunning visual celebration of the model for social housing, the Golden Lane Estate, with commissioned photography, illuminating architectural history of the building and fascinating interviews with residents of the Estate.
$30.36 $37.96
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Shingle and Stone: Thomas Kligerman Houses

Kligerman, Thomas
$75.83 $83.43
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How to Thrive at Architecture School: A Student Guide

Spiller, Neil
This book is the go-to guide for students throughout their architectural education. It introduces architecture students to all they need to know to get on an architecture course, thrive at school and be prepared for the realities of becoming a practising architect.
$30.36 $34.16
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The Urban Block: A Guide for Urban Designers, Architects and Town Planners

Tarbatt, Jonathan
Selected as a Finalist for the National Urban Design Awards 2021
$48.58 $60.73
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Eric Lyons and Span

Lyons: Simma, Barbara
Lavishly illustrated and deeply researched, this book celebrates the work of the architect Eric Lyons OBE (1912-1980), whose famous post-war housing - that today would be marketed as 'lifestyle housing' - is as well-loved today as it was vibrantly successful when first constructed.
$37.96 $50.10
excluding shipping

Essential Urban Design: A Handbook for Architects, Designers and Planners

Cowan, Rob
This guide distils the essential information required for the expert direction of the day-to-day work of urban design, from strategic design to masterplanning through to character assessment and collaboration.
$45.55 $53.14
excluding shipping

Automatic for the City: Designing for People In the Age of The Driverless Car

Bobisse, Riccardo
How will automated vehicles change our lives? Where are the opportunities and challenges? Future streets require planning today. This timely book envisions ways in which changes to urban mobility and technology will transform city streetscapes and, importantly, how cities can prepare.
$45.55 $68.32
excluding shipping

Inside Information: The defining concepts of interior design

Stone, Sally
From Ante- to Zeitgeist, this 'treasury' of principal terms and ideas is a provocative read for the interior design student. Readable and illustrated with over 150 images, it covers topics from the practical to the philosophical.
$45.55 $53.14
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Hamptons Modern: Contemporary Living on the East End

Sokol, David
$53.06 $60.65
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Future Healthcare Design

Singha, Sumita
This book describes how architects can design better healthcare buildings for a rapidly changing context and climate. Innovation in the design of healthcare estates is essential to the sustainability of our health services.
$53.14 $68.32
excluding shipping

New Towns: The Rise, Fall and Rebirth

Lock, Katy
New Towns: The Rise Fall and Rebirth offers a new perspective on the New Towns Record and uses case-studies to address the myths and realities of the programme.
$48.58 $60.73
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ZEDlife: How to build a low-carbon society today

Dunster, Bill
This book offers a forceful challenge to the current addiction to overconsumption of natural capital and energy, and provides workable, sustainable solutions for zero-carbon, zero-waste design.
$37.96 $48.58
excluding shipping

Taste: A cultural history of the home interior

Plunkett, Drew
Democratic in intention and approach, the book will argue that the home interior, as independently created by the 'amateur' householder, offers a continuous informal critique of shifting architectural styles (most notably with the advent of Modernism) and the design mainstream.
$45.55 $60.73
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Radical Housing: Designing multi-generational and co-living housing for all

Dove, Caroline
Radical Housing explores the planning, technical, financial, health-based and social background for developing multi-generational homes and co-living.
$53.14 $63.76
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Dungeness: Coastal Architecture

Bradbury, Dominic
The Kent coastal strip of Dungeness is a unique environment. It has enticed many architects, artists, photographers and creative thinkers, including renowned artist and film-maker Derek Jarman. Design writer Dominic Bradbury is your guide to this border landscape with 16 stunning case studies of homes, both non-domestic buildings and new builds.
$30.36 $37.96
excluding shipping

Wild, The Naturalistic Garden

Kingsbury, Noel
A stunning exploration of one of the hottest trends in garden design, nature-based planting with an eco-aware approach, featuring the work of leading designers such as Sean Hogan, Piet Oudolf, and Dan Pearson
$53.06 $60.65
excluding shipping

The Football Stadium Guide

Greeves, Andy
A detailed, design-led guide to the most iconic, greatest and intimidating sporting arenas in the world.
$22.76 $27.31
excluding shipping

Hidden Cities: Explore Beneath Your Feet and Above Your Head

Esteban, Susana
Discover the most diverse and curious cities and what they hide underground.
$15.17 $19.72
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Fifth Avenue: From Washington Square to Marcus Garvey Park

Hennessey, William J.
$30.29 $37.88
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Own Your Zone: Maximising Style & Space to Work & Live in the Modern Home

Matthews, Ruth
Create a multifunctional - and stylish - space for working and living at home
$22.77 $27.33
excluding shipping

Atlas of Mid-Century Modern Houses

Bradbury, Dominic
A groundbreaking global survey of the finest mid-20th-century homes - in a great, new, classic edition
$68.24 $75.83
excluding shipping

Abandoned Britain

Sugden, Simon
A haunting collection of images from photographer Simon Sugden revealing the beauty to be found in abandoned buildings and structures around Britain.
$22.76 $27.31
excluding shipping

London is a Forest

Wood, Paul
A narrative exploration of London through its trees, including how the trees have shaped the city and how we live with and alongside them
$18.22 $22.77
excluding shipping

Design Emergency: Building a Better Future

Rawsthorn, Alice
Alice Rawsthorn and Paola Antonelli, two of the world's most influential design figures, meet the visionary designers whose innovations and ingenuity give us hope for the future by redesigning and reconstructing our lives, enabling us to thrive
$30.36 $37.88
excluding shipping

Building Utopia: The Barbican Centre

Kenyon, Nicholas
A sumptuous celebration of London's internationally famous Barbican Arts Centre for the 40th anniversary of its opening in 1982.
$53.14 $60.73
excluding shipping

The Architecture Lover s Guide to London

Sian, Lye,
Looks at the history of architecture in London in key periods such as Roman times, Norman, Stuart, Victorian and Georgian periods to Art Deco, Postmodernism and High Tech styles of today.
$18.20 $22.76
excluding shipping

Brutalist Britain: Buildings of the 1960s and 1970s

Harwood, Elain
Brutalist Britain is a lovingly photographed, authoritative overview of Brutalist architecture in Britain in the 1960s and 1970s.
$30.36 $37.96
excluding shipping

100 20th-Century Houses

Twentieth Century Society
A stylish and fascinating insight into Britain's built heritage and the diverse housing styles of the 20th century.
$30.36 $37.96
excluding shipping

Transform: Architecture of Adaptation

Berke, Deborah
A guide to contemporary architecture practice in one of the most important fields today—the transformative adaptation of existing buildings. A manifesto and survey of contemporary practice by one of the leading offices in this domain, Deborah Berke Partners.
$53.06 $60.65
excluding shipping

Vic Lee's London: True Tales and Dubious Stories

Lee, Vic
A lively illustrated tour of London in the company of Vic Lee - artist, storyteller and self-confessed 'ragamuffin from south-east London'.
$30.36 $37.96
excluding shipping

The History of the London Underground Map

Roope, Caroline
Provides a new insight into the history of London Underground, from the viewpoint of its visual and cartographic heritage and against a backdrop of socio-political issues.
$22.77 $30.36
excluding shipping

Houses That Can Save the World

Smith, Courtenay
An inspirational sourcebook of innovative and unexpected green design solutions for our homes that address the environmental and social issues facing our world today.
$30.36 $37.96
excluding shipping

Adjaye: Works 2007-2015: Houses, Pavilions, Installations, Buildings

Allison, Peter
The second volume in Thames & Hudson’s monographic series on global architect Sir David Adjaye, winner of the 2021 RIBA Royal Gold Medal.
$75.91 $91.09
excluding shipping

The Architectural Sketches of Henning Larsen

Ahnfeldt-Mollerup, Merete
A new perspective on one of Denmark’s greatest architects told through his marvelous drawings.
$53.14 $60.73
excluding shipping

Heaven on Earth: The Lives and Legacies of the World's Greatest Cathedrals

Wells, Emma J.
An illustrated history of sixteen of the world's greatest cathedrals, interwoven with the lives, legacies and scandals of the people who built them.
$53.14 $60.73
excluding shipping

Little Book of London Style: The fashion story of the iconic city

Homer, Karen
Following the explosions of ingenuity and evolution of London style, this illustrated reference is the perfect guide to embrace the enthralling mix of chic, edgy and novel that is London fashion.
$15.17 $19.72
excluding shipping

SECRET LONDON: Guide to the City's Quirk & Unusual Sights

Hampshire, David
Secret London takes you off the beaten path to seek out the city's cornucopia of secret and more unusual places, and sidestep the chaos and queues of London's tourist-clogged attractions and visit its quirkier, more mysterious side.
$13.65 $18.20
excluding shipping

London, Block by Block: An illustrated guide to the best of England's capital

Block, Cierra
Illustrator Cierra Block shares 50 maps showing the best places that London has to offer, whether it's the food or history, culture, shopping, beautiful buildings or gardens.
$15.17 $19.72
excluding shipping