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Industrial Britain: An Architectural History

Pragnell, Hubert J.
Industrial Britain details the fascinating history of industrial architecture in Britain by architectural historian and artist, Hubert Pragnell.
¥88.36 ¥114.89
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Architectural Styles: A Visual Guide

Polley, Robbie
Every major architectural style in history, brilliantly rendered in specially commissioned drawings
¥132.58 ¥176.81
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Carlo Scarpa: Classic format

McCarter, Robert
The acclaimed survey of the life and works of the celebrated Italian modernist master, available again in a classic format
¥309.13 ¥353.35
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Walter Segal: Self-Built Architect

Grahame, Alice
This book examines Walter Segal's unique approach to architecture practice and the enduring impact he has had on architecture and attitudes towards housing across the world.
¥353.79 ¥398.02
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BuildHer: Empowering women to build & renovate their dream home

Hannon, Kribashini
¥176.90 ¥221.12
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Patented: 1,000 Design Patents

Rinaldi, Thomas
An unprecedented, essential field guide to more than a century of fascinating product and industrial design
¥220.68 ¥264.90
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The Urban Sketching Handbook Panoramas and Vertical Vistas: Techniques for Drawing on Location from Unexpected Perspectives: Volume 13

Linhares, Mario
The Urban Sketching Handbook: Panoramas and Vertical Vistas shows how to observe, draw, and present architecture and landscapes from a variety of fascinating perspectives.
¥88.36 ¥114.89
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Building for Hope: Towards an Architecture of Belonging

al-Sabouni, Marwa
The follow-up to the Syrian architect's dramatic memoir, in which she explores how cities and buildings might be rebuilt in the aftermath of conflict, crisis or financial depression.
¥150.36 ¥176.90
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Pre-Fab Living

Friedman, Avi
From cabins to containers, this international overview showcases a new generation of innovative homes that save space, are kinder to the planet and cost less to build.
¥176.90 ¥221.12
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Living in Nature: Contemporary Houses in the Natural World

Phaidon Editors
An awe-inspiring collection of contemporary homes designed to foster a connection with the essential elements of landscape
¥220.68 ¥264.90
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Living in Colour: Colour in Contemporary Interior Design

Phaidon Editors
An inspirational visual journey along the colour spectrum, brought to life via the best contemporary residential interior design
¥220.68 ¥264.90
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Modernist Estates: The buildings and the people who live in them

Stefi Orazi
¥141.43 ¥167.96
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Unbuilt: Radical visions of a future that never arrived

Beanland, Christopher
A fascinating survey of unbuilt and abandoned architectural projects from all over the world, by great architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier and Zaha Hadid.
¥176.90 ¥221.12
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Dear to Me: Peter Zumthor in Conversation

Zumthor, Peter
A collection of 17 conversations of Swiss architect Peter Zumthor with philosophers, curators, historians, composers, writers, photographers, collectors, and craftsmen, in a set of 18 beautifully designed booklets in an exquisitely manufactured box.
¥1,017.15 ¥1,238.27
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Architectural Drawings: Hidden Masterpieces from Sir John Soane's Museum

Sands, Dr. Frances
A visual and comprehensive compilation of some the finest architectural drawings from Sir John Soane's extensive collection.
¥265.34 ¥309.57
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Concrete Concept: Brutalist buildings around the world

Christopher Beanland
¥123.74 ¥150.27
excluding shipping

The Gardener's Garden, 2022 Edition, classic format

Phaidon Editors
The ultimate celebration of the world's most gorgeous gardens - now with a fresh, new look
¥220.68 ¥264.90
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Soviet Seasons

Kotov, Arseniy
The follow up to Soviet Cities by acclaimed Russian photographer and Instagram sensation Arseniy Kotov. A photography book featuring four areas of the post-Soviet republics seen over four different seasons
¥176.45 ¥220.68
excluding shipping

CCCP Underground: Metro Stations of the Soviet Era

Herfort, Frank
¥132.23 ¥176.45
excluding shipping