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Golden Lane Estate

Orazi, Stefi
A stunning visual celebration of the model for social housing, the Golden Lane Estate, with commissioned photography, illuminating architectural history of the building and fascinating interviews with residents of the Estate.
242,00 kr 302,00 kr
excluding shipping

Soviet Seasons

Kotov, Arseniy
The follow up to Soviet Cities by acclaimed Russian photographer and Instagram sensation Arseniy Kotov. A photography book featuring four areas of the post-Soviet republics seen over four different seasons
241,00 kr 301,00 kr
excluding shipping

Louis I Kahn: Revised and Expanded

McCarter, Robert
A thoroughly updated and redesigned edition of McCarter's esteemed monograph on the globally-revered modern master
1 087,00 kr 1 208,00 kr
excluding shipping

Living in Colour: Colour in Contemporary Interior Design

Phaidon Editors
An inspirational visual journey along the colour spectrum, brought to life via the best contemporary residential interior design
301,00 kr 362,00 kr
excluding shipping

The Gardener's Garden, 2022 Edition, classic format: Inspiration Across Continents and Centuries

Phaidon Editors
The ultimate celebration of the world's most gorgeous gardens - now with a fresh, new look
301,00 kr 362,00 kr
excluding shipping

Mid-Century Britain: Modern Architecture 1938-1963

Elain Harwood
Leading expert and passionate advocate of modern British architecture Elain Harwood gives the best overview of British architecture from 1938 to 1963 – mid-century buildings.
242,00 kr 302,00 kr
excluding shipping

Lives in Architecture: Terry Farrell

Farrell, Terry
309,00 kr 386,00 kr
excluding shipping

Adventures in Architecture for Kids: 30 Design Projects for STEAM Discovery and Learning: Volume 2

Chan, Vicky
Design Genius Jr.: Adventures in Architecture for Kids uses design thinking to teach kids how buildings are built.
169,00 kr 205,00 kr
excluding shipping

London Explored: Secret, surprising and unusual places to discover in the Capital

Peter Dazeley
London is packed with little-known treasures: remarkably preserved historical houses, fascinating museums and galleries, unusual commercial and industrial buildings and sumptuous interiors that are glimpsed only on special occasions.
362,00 kr 423,00 kr
excluding shipping

The Museum: From its Origins to the 21st Century

Owen Hopkins
Visited by millions around the world every year, discover the untold story of The Museum, one of mankind's most essential creations.
423,00 kr 483,00 kr
excluding shipping

Green Architecture: The work of Vo Trong Nghia | VTN Architects

Oscar Riera Ojeda
Green Architecture showcases the multi-faceted responses to these challenges conceived by the award winning studio VTN Architects, led by Vo Trong Nghia, in which the emphasis is placed on bringing greenery back to cities in a holistic and sustainable manner.
459,00 kr 519,00 kr
excluding shipping

Bamboo Architecture: The work of Vo Trong Nghia | VTN Architects

Riera Ojeda, Oscar
"I think bamboo is the right material for creating a new architectural language unique to Vietnam." Vo Trong Nghia. With the climate crisis raging and awareness of humanity's detrimental impact on the environment now patently apparent, the need for architects to come up with sustainable new solutions has never been more pressing.
459,00 kr 519,00 kr
excluding shipping

Leading with Cultural Intelligence: The Real Secret to Success

David Livermore
Leading with Cultural Intelligence a four-step model for improving your CQ and maximizing your impact in managing across cultures
205,00 kr 242,00 kr
excluding shipping