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Cabins and Sheds

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Wild Cabins - Blending Into Their Surroundings

Minguet, Anna
Today's cabins are for all-season use, making them the delight of hikers, explorers, and urbanites searching for peace of mind.
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Tiny Mobile Homes - Small Space Big Freedom

Minguet, Anna
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Tiny Cabins & Treehouses - For Shelter Lovers

Minguet, Anna
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Compact Cabins

Rowan, Gerald
Presents 62 cabin design interpretations that range in size from a cozy 100 square feet to a more spacious but still economical 1,000 square feet, and include sleeping accommodations, kitchen and bath facilities, and a heat source. This title provides floor plans with suggestions for designing the space for optimal use.
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Tiny Hideaways - Oasis In Pure Nature

Minguet, Anna
This book explores tiny hideaways, which are a perfect example of the New Ecological Architecture.
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Cabins: Escape to Nature

The Images Publishing Group
Cabins: Hidden Places, Stylish Spaces showcases the challenges of how small floor plans and compact interiors can be overcome with inventive modern design solutions and the innovative use of technology. Filled with more than 35 inspiring, contemporary cabin designs.
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How To Get Away: Cabins, cottages, hideouts and the design of retreat

Todd, Laura May
A lavishly illustrated book of 7 different types of getaway retreats from around the world filled with inspiring interiors, along with how-to advice on creating the perfect escape.
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Work From Shed: Inspirational garden offices from around the world

Press, Hoxton Mini
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