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Strategic Airport Planning

Brown, Mike (Imperial College London, UK
The aim of the book is to articulate a new approach to airport planning that better captures the complexities and velocity of change in our contemporary world. As a result, it will lead to higher performing airports for users, business partners, investors and other stakeholders.
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Vacant Spaces NY

Meredith, Michael
Vacant Spaces NY begins gathering the incomplete data available and documenting vacant spaces in New York City. Organized from large to small, general to specific, vacancy in the United States to case studies of specific vacancies in Manhattan, Michael Meredith, Hilary Sample, and their architecture studio MOS imagine possibilities for repurposing current vacant spaces in New York City.
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Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin: Refurbishment of an Architectural Icon

Maibohm, Arne
The Neue Nationalgalerie on the Berlin Kulturforum is an architectural icon as well as the crowning conclusion of architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's life work.
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Mobility Design: Shaping Future Mobility Volume 1: Practice

Eckart E & Voeckler, Kai
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Interstitial Hong Kong: Exploring the Miniature Open Spaces of High-Density Urbanism

Enmeshed in Hong Kong’s densely woven urban fabric, wedged between its towering mixed-use complexes and perched along its steep hillsides, sits a network of more than 500 miniature public parks comprising the smallest unit of the city’s public open space network.
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Making Space: Women and the Man Made Environment

Timely re-issue of the groundbreaking manifesto for feminist architecture
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Green Obsession: Trees Towards Cities, Humans Towards Forests

Boeri, Stefano
Green Obsession traces the long path that architect Stefano Boeri and his studio - Stefano Boeri Architetti - have followed in the last fifteen years of practice, aiming at the redefinition of the relationship between city and nature.
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orae: Experiences on the Border - The Guide

Aragno, Fabrice
If metropoles were the 20th century's favorite playground, borders are the laboratory for globalized phenomena in the 21st century.
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Citymakers 3: Pragmatics of the Picturesque: Strategies for the contemporary city

Daniel Elsea
Antiquated and irrelevant or practical design tool? A visual indulgence and purely theoretical construct or does perhaps the Picturesque hold some clues to reconciling technical, economic and environmental imperatives with the need to design places for people?
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Caring for Place: Community Development in Rural England

Healey, Patsy (Newcastle University, UK)
This book draws on preeminent planning theorist Patsy Healey's personal experiences as a resident of a small rural town in England, to explore what place and community mean in a particular context, and how different initiatives struggle to get a stake in the wider governance relations while maintaining their own focus and ways of working.
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