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New Jerusalem: The Good City and the Good Society: 2015

Worpole, Ken
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Boom Bust: House Prices, Banking and the Depression of 2010

Harrison F
Based on a study of property markets over the last 200 years, Harrison warns of the danger to banks, business and jobs of ignoring a remarkably regular 18-year cycle. He accuses Gordon Brown of giving people a false sense of security by his repeated claim, last made in his 2007 Budget speech, that 'we will never return to the old boom and bust'
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The Power of Just Doing Stuff: How Local Action Can Change the World

Hopkins, Rob
Something is stirring. People around the world are deciding that the well-being of their community and its economy lies with them. They're people like you. They've had enough, and, rather than waiting for permission, they're rolling up their sleeves, getting together with friends and neighbors, and doing something about it.
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