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Agadir: Building the Modern Afropolis

Avermaete, Tom
The first-ever full account of the remarkable reconstruction of the Moroccan coastal city of Agadir following the 1960 earthquake, a unique example of innovative and experimental urban design achieved in a then unprecedented joint effort of local and international architects.
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The Power of Neighbourhood Planning

Edwards, Peter
The clear, comprehensive guide to neighbourhood planning for all those trying to influence local planning decisions, including parish councils, neighbourhood forums and local authority planning teams and all planning professionals
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Co-Crafting the Just City: Tales from the Field by a Planning Scholar Turned Mayor

Throgmorton, James A.
The 2016 election in Iowa City would provide an opportunity that planning faculty have long desired: the opportunity for one of their own to serve as mayor.
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Shaping Holland: Regional Design and Planning in the Southern Randstad

Schaick, Jeroen Van
Shaping Holland gives a unique insight into the emergence of contemporary regional planning and design practice in the Netherlands. This book uniquely focuses on planning practice and first-hand knowledge, while also exposing the benefits and the pitfalls of regional plans and designs.
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The New Urban Aesthetic: Digital Experiences of Urban Change

Degen, Dr Monica Montserrat (Brunel Univ
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Post-Growth Planning: Cities Beyond the Market Economy

Savini, Federico
This book draws on a wide range of conceptual and empirical materials to identify and examine planning and policy approaches that move beyond the imperative of perpetual economic growth. It offers a toolkit of concepts and examples for urban scholars, activists, and designers seeking to make cities prosper within planetary boundaries.
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Transforming Public Space through Play

Mews, Gregor H.
This book provides an empirical analysis of the concept of play as a form of spatial practice in urban public spaces. The introduced City-Play-Framework (CPF) is an urban analysis tool that allows urban designers, landscape architects and researchers to develop a shared awareness when opening up this window of possibility for adventure.
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City and Regional Planning

LeGates, Richard
This book provides an overview of the theory and practice of city and regional planning. With material on the globalization and the world city system and provides examples from other countries, it has been written with the needs of readers worldwide who seek an overview of city and regional planning.
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