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Mae Luiza: Building Optimism

Andrade, Ion De
The astonishing transformation of a Brazilian favela.
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A Beginner's Guide to Urban Design and Development: The ABC of Quality, Sustainable Design

Alvarez, Laura B.
This book provides invaluable guidance to all those with an interest in placemaking and the built environment, from those with no experience to those who have worked for many years in industry, illustrating key principles that will secure higher quality, more sustainable design in accessible, jargon-free language.
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Building Urban Nature

de Zwarte, Niels
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Home Truths

Ben Derbyshire
With half a century in practice as a housing architect, Ben Derbyshire has written an essential primer for anyone with aspirations to follow in his footsteps. An expression of tough love, according to one reviewer, the book draws on the past to set course for a sustainable future for the professions, their clients and society.
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Foundations of Urban Design

Smets, Marcel
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Writings on the Asian City: Framing an Inclusive Approach to Urban Design

Cookson Smith, Dr Peter
The book frames a perspective on the urban design challenges presented by the rapidly expanding and regenerating Asian cities, and how these can be shaped by memory, meaning and identity while meeting sustainable, resilient and community concerns.
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Towards Territorial Transition: A plea to large scale decarbonizing

Armengaud, Matthias
Introduces new strategies, concepts, and approaches in architecture and urban design for fundamental changes towards decarbonisation and ecological turnaround.
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The City in the City: Architecture and Change in London's Financial District

Thomas, Amy
An exploration of the dramatic transformation of London’s financial district after 1945, viewed at four spatial scales: city, street, facade, interior.
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The Interior Urbanism Theory Reader

Marinic, Gregory
The Interior Urbanism Theory Reader expands our understanding of urbanism, interiority, and publicness from a global perspective across time and cultures. It will appeal to scholars, practitioners, students, and enthusiasts of urbanism, architecture, planning, interiors, and the social sciences.
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