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Post Modernism

Welcome to RIBApix features where we spotlight noteworthy photographers, architects and collections.

In our features we'll bring you more background information, highlight the must see images and guide you through our vast image library.

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Postmodern Architecture: Less is a Bore

Hopkins, Owen
A curated collection of Postmodern architecture in all its glorious array of vivid non-conformity
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Revisiting Postmodernism

Furman, Adam Nathaniel & Farrell, Terry
Revisiting Postmodernism offers an engaging, wide-ranging and highly illustrated account of postmodernism in architecture from its roots in the 1940s to its ongoing relevance today.
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Postmodernism in Berlin: Residential Buildings of the 80s

Kromrei, Claudia
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Postmodern Architecture in Socialist Poland: Transformation, Symbolic Form and National Identity

Urban, Florian (Glasgow School of Art, U
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Second World Postmodernisms: Architecture and Society under Late Socialism

Kulic, Vladimir (Iowa State University,
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Soviet Modernism, Brutalism, Post-modernism: Buildings and Projects in Ukraine 1960-1990

Bykov, Oleksiy
This new publication is a comprehensive study of Soviet Modernism in Ukraine.The authors and architects explore the uniqueness of modernist objects in allits forms--from interior design to city plans--across the entire territory of'kraine and over three full decades.l decades.
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