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Practice and Business Management

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Construction Project Manager's Pocket Book

Cartlidge, Duncan (Construction Procurem
The third edition of the Construction Project Manager's Pocket Book continues to guide and educate readers on the broad range of essential skills required to be a successful construction project manager.
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Design Management for Architects

Emmitt, Stephen (University of Bath, UK)
Written for students of architecture and early career architects, the book explores design management from the context of managing design projects and the management of the architectural businesses. It aligns with the need for architects to improve design management competences and business skills as set out by the ARB and the RIBA.
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Construction Company Management

Hasan, Abid
This book will give readers a detailed understanding of the critical aspects of running a successful construction company in today's complex regulatory, economic, and social environment.
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Routledge Handbook of Collaboration in Construction

Moradi, Sina
This innovative Handbook aims to look at the various dimensions and implications of collaboration in construction. It is key reading within the fields of construction, project, infrastructure and engineering management, organisational sciences, economics, business management and sociology.
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Building the 21st Century City through Public-Private Partnerships: A Tool for Real Estate Development and Urban Growth

Buckman, Stephen
This book introduces the fundamentals of this unique form of cross-sector collaboration. From understanding the responsibilities of government and industry partners to stewardship of taxpayer dollars, this guide empowers developers to deliver successful commercial, leisure, and industrial projects neither could undertake on their own.
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Management of Construction Projects: A Constructor's Perspective

Schaufelberger, John
Unique among construction project management textbooks, Management of Construction Projects, 3rd edition, takes the constructor's perspective, carefully analyzing a complex, real-world construction case study to demonstrate the skills, knowledge, and techniques students require to become successful project managers.
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Quality Management: How to Achieve Sustainability in Projects

Rumane, Abdul Razzak (Sijjeel General Co
Divided into four main chapters, the book discusses the sustainability framework and provides an overview of quality management with construction projects along with the most common quality tools used to manage quality and achieve sustainability in projects.
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Total Quality Management: Applications and Concepts for Construction Projects

Rumane, Abdul Razzak (Sijjeel General Co
This book has been developed to provide significant information about the usage and application of the Total Quality Management (TQM) concept in a construction project environment. The content spans from the inception through to the closing of the project focusing on the TQM approach in each phase of the project.
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Professional Studies in Architecture: A Primer

Brookhouse, Stephen
Defines the critical subject area of professional studies which runs as a thread through the RIBA validation criteria for Parts 1 and 2.
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