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Practice and Business Management

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The Architect's Pocket Guide to Portfolio Design

Kubisova, Zuzana
This is an essential guide for architecture and design students struggling to put together an effective portfolio.
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The Organizer's Guide to Architecture Education

Day, Kirsten
The Organizer's Guide to Architecture Education serves as a timely call-to-action for transforming architecture education to meet the monumental environmental and social challenges of our time.
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The Pedagogies of Re-Use: The International School of Re-Construction

Baker-Brown, Duncan
This book captures the amazing digital gathering of students, academics, practitioners, and activists that happened at the International School of Re-Construction. It is ideal reading for students and academics looking at the issues created by the climate emergency to which architecture must respond.
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Fire Prevention on Construction Sites: Tenth edition: August 2022 Incorporating Amendment 1: January 2023

First published in 1992, the Fire Prevention on Construction Sites – Joint Code of Practice has just released its 10th Edition. The revised Code reflects the changes in standards, practice and use of modern materials with construction practices.
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Work, Health and Wellbeing in the Construction Industry

Lingard, Helen
This book covers a wide range of topics relating to the health and wellbeing of the construction workforce.
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BIM and Construction Health and Safety: Uncovering, Adoption and Implementation

Golzad, Hamed (University of Canberra, A
This book aims to conceptualise the implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the workplace health and safety (WHS) management of construction projects to reduce occupational accidents.
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Pyrotechnic Cities: Architecture, Fire-Safety and Standardisation

Ross, Liam
This book explores the relationship between architecture, government and fire. It posits that, through the question of fire-safety standardisation, building design comes to be both a problem for, and a tool of, government.
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Fire Safety in Residential Property: A Practical Approach for Environmental Health

Lord, Richard
This book aims to take the reader through all aspects of fire safety and management in residential settings, from origin and ignition, risk assessment, protection and prevention, as well as comparing effective enforcement options from across all parts of the UK.
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Safety Rebels: Real-World Transformations in Health and Safety

Piric, Selma
This book discusses the experiences of over 30 safety professionals worldwide who positively transformed safety within their organizations. It details the approaches taken whilst considering the politics within each organization, including resistance to change, deteriorating safety statistics, high turnover and budget restrictions.
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