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Practice and Business Management

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Social Value in Practice

Raiden, Ani (Nottingham Business School,
This book connects social value to the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and presents an insight into the many and different practical ways in which individuals and organisations can make a positive impact towards resolving the 'people, planet and prosperity' agenda.
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The Routledge Companion for Architecture Design and Practice: Established and Emerging Trends

Kanaani, Mitra (NewSchool of Architectur
The Routledge Companion for Architecture Design and Practice provides an overview of established and emerging trends in architecture practice.
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Continuous Cost Improvement in Construction: Theory and Practice

Omotayo, Temitope Seun
Continuous Cost Improvement in Construction: Theory and Practice aims to provide students and practitioners with an all-inclusive understanding of strategies for adopting continuous improvement in construction cost management.
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Progressive Studio Pedagogy: Examples from Architecture and Allied Design Fields

Smith, Charlie
Progressive Studio Pedagogy provides guidance to educators in all design fields by questioning processes and assumptions about teaching and learning, utilising examples from architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design.
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Construction Briefing

Juriaan van Meel
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Building the 21st Century City through Public-Private Partnerships: A Tool for Real Estate Development and Urban Growth

Buckman, Stephen
This book introduces the fundamentals of this unique form of cross-sector collaboration. From understanding the responsibilities of government and industry partners to stewardship of taxpayer dollars, this guide empowers developers to deliver successful commercial, leisure, and industrial projects neither could undertake on their own.
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Design Technology in Contemporary Architectural Practice

Holzer, Dominik (University of Melbourne
This book unveils how eleven world-leading design studios integrate technology as part of their day-to-day design exploration and delivery. It offers rare insights about how these firms apply technology to disrupt and support their creative design processes, exploring how technology gets integrated on an organisational level.
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A Guide to Socially-Informed Research for Architects and Designers

Janning, Michelle
This book offers an efficient set of step-by-step tips and overarching lessons about how to gather useful, meaningful, and socially-informed data about clients' experiences in architecture and interior design professions.
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Construction for a Regenerative Future

Persson, Urban
This is a book about how to manage the processes involved in a construction project towards a sustainable and regenerative end-product. It covers key project management concepts and links the construction process to the objectives of UN SDGs and beyond zero carbon emissions throughout the whole project lifecycle.
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