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Religious Buildings

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The Stained-Glass Windows of St. Andrew's Dune Church: Southampton, New York

Cooney Frelinghuysen, Alice
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Synagogues: Marvels of Judaism

Uluhanli, Leyla
The most significant volume on synagogue architecture and design to date brought to life by a stunning array of newly commissioned and archival photographs.
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St Paul's Cathedral: Archaeology and History

Schofield, John
First comprehensive account of the building history of st Paul's Cathedral as revealed by archaeological excavation and recording, documentary research and engineering works.
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111 Churches in London That You Shouldn't Miss

Barber, Emma Rose
111 Churches in London That You Shouldn't Miss interweaves artistic insights, anecdotes, stories of saints and sinners and the rich narratives of buildings that provide another way of looking at London's history.
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How to Read Churches: A Crash Course in Christian Architecture

McNamara, Denis
This handy, easy-to-carry book will provide the reader with a strictly visual approach to reading the architecture of the church.
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Sacred Concrete: The Churches of Le Corbusier

Corbusier : Samuel, Flora
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Building St Paul's

Campbell, James W P
An approachable history of one of London's most famous landmarks.
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Goodbye Architecture - The Architecture of Crematoria in Europe

Visschers, Jeroen
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Designing Sacred Spaces

Wing, Sherin (Scholar and journalist, US
Designing Sacred Spaces tells the inside story of seven architecture firms and their approaches to designing churches, mosques, synagogues and temples, monasteries and retreats.
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