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Religious Buildings

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Designing Sacred Spaces

Wing S
Designing Sacred Spaces tells the inside story of seven architecture firms and their approaches to designing churches, mosques, synagogues and temples, monasteries and retreats.
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The Guardians

Alquraishi, Adel
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Religious Facilities

Andreu, David
Illustrated showcase of the most recent designs by 29 international architects for chapels, churches, cemeteries, cathedrals and memorials.
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From Granada to Berlin: The Alhambra Cupola

McSweeney, Anna
This book is the story of an extraordinary survivor from the Alhambra palace in Granada, Spain: the Alhambra cupola, now in the Museum of Islamic Art in Berlin.
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Great Pilgrimage Sites of Europe

Brabbs, Derry
A spectacular photographic tour of the greatest European pilgrimage sites, from Canterbury to Santiago de Compostela.
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Sacred Spaces: Contemporary Religious Architecture

Pallister, James
30 outstanding examples of contemporary religious architecture
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Saving the Light at Chartres: How the Great Cathedral Was Protected During World War II

Pollak, Victor
In a book in the spirit of The Monuments Men, Victor Pollak describes the efforts to save Chartres Cathedral.
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Modernism and American Mid-20th Century Sacred Architecture

Geva, Anat (Texas A&M University, US
This book presents the challenges sacred architecture faced during the mid-20th century in America and explores how American architects pushed the envelope in the design of houses of worship.
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Masterpieces: Sacred Architecture + Design: Churches, Synagogues, Mosques

Uffelen, Chris van
Sacred buildings are among the oldest types of edifice produced in human civilisation. This title shows exceptional examples of buildings from the various religions and denominations which often attain the status of works of art.
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Mobile Churches

Laub, Anton Roland
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