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Religious Buildings

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Sacred Spaces: The Awe-Inspiring Architecture of Churches and Cathedrals

Guillaume, De
A breathtaking survey of beautiful churches and cathedrals from acclaimed photographer Guillaume de Laubier
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Modern Religious Architecture in Germany, Ireland and Beyond: Influence, Process and Afterlife since 1945

James-Chakraborty, Kathleen (Professor o
Modernity and religion are not mutually exclusive. Setting German and Irish church, synagogue and mosque architecture side by side over the last century highlights the place for the celebration of the new within faiths whose appeal lies in part in the stability of belief they offer across time.
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Cathedrals of Britain: Central and East

Fallon, Bernadette
Indepth look at the Cathedrals of Britain: East and Central.
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Cathedrals of Britain: West, South West and Wales

Fallon, Bernadette
A thorough guide to UK cathedrals
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Amazing Churches of the World

Kerrigan, Michael
Illustrated with more than 200 colour photographs, Amazing Churches of the World includes more than 100 chapels, basilicas and cathedrals dating from the Middle Ages to the present-day.
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Churches of the Church of England

Gough, J
Following on from "Cathedrals of the Church of England", this book explores a comprehensive range of religious institutions, from parish churches in the heart of village communities to the grandeur of King's College Chapel, Cambridge.
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Exeter Cathedral: The Garden of Paradise

Foyle, Jonathan
This new publication, illustrated with specially commissioned photography, draws on archaeology, archives and imagery to illuminate the fascinating history of Exeter Cathedral.
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The Romanesque Abbey of St Peter at Gloucester

Heighway, Carolyn
A highly illustrated volume on the history of the abbey at Gloucester cathedral.
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John Francis Bentley: Architect of Westminster Cathedral

Bentley: Howell, Peter
This is the first biography of John Francis Bentley (1839-1902), best known as architect of Westminster Cathedral, since his daughter Winefride de l'Hopital's Westminster Cathedral and its Architect (1919).
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Cathedrals of Britain

Platten, Stephen
For centuries the great religious buildings of Great Britain have inspired and fascinated pilgrims and visitors from around the world. The beauty and diversity of British ecclesiastical architecture is superbly captured in this guide to over 60 of Britain's finest cathedrals.
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