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Residential and Domestic Buildings

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Thirteen Ways of Looking at a House

Betts, Stella
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a House both participates in and critiques this contemporary tradition.
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Small: House And Interiors

Mardare, Ioana
An illustrated showcase for projects by thirty international architects and interior designers who created revolutionary small homes, from glass cabins to copper-clad tree houses.
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Eco Homes in Unusual Places: Living in Nature

Martinez, Patricia
Houses on the side of a mountain, on rocky terrain, or on cliffs by the sea - a perfect blend of contextual architecture and interior design that channels our shared desire for peace and tranquility.
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Building Society Low Rise Bungalows in the West Country

Marshall J
In Jethro Marshall’s new book, Building Society, his rural photographic eye is turned to alternative views of the countryside environment & architecture, with an artful critique of the West Country bungalow.
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Fire: A Very Short Introduction

Scott, Andrew C. (Royal Holloway, Univer
Fire has shaped the Earth's landscape and vegetation for the past 400 million years. This book explores the history of wildfire, and how humans have sought to use and manage it. The need to understand fire has never been greater, as human settlements encroach on flammable landscapes and wildfires increase with climate change.
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Off Grid: Nature Powered Homes

Minguet, Anna
Living off the grid is a greener and cheaper way of life. This book compiles examples of nature-powered homes, all either partially or completely off-grid.
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Off Grid House Plans

Minguet, Anna
This book includes over 250 floor plans, sections, sketches and elevations for off-grid homes, as well as the construction details on every project.
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Tiny Mobile Homes: Small Space - Big Freedom

Minguet, Anna
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Tiny Cabins and Tree Houses: For Shelter Lovers

Minguet, Anna
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Architects of the Pacific Northwest

Mola, Francesc Zamora
Thirty leading pioneers of the North American green architecture movement present their latest designs for high-end homes and interiors.
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