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Residential and Domestic Buildings

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The Housebuilder's Bible: 14th Edition

Brinkley, Mark
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The Sustainable House Handbook: How to plan and build an affordable, energy-efficient and waterwise home for the future

Byrne, Josh
A hands-on guide to planning and building a sustainable home for the future
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How to extend your Victorian terraced house

Green, Jaqueline
Packed with detailed plans, ideas and case studies for a range of house types and sizes, along with photos and 3D sketches, this book provides you with all the design inspiration and advice needed to embark on a Victorian terrace renovation.
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FORT 137: Daniel Joseph Chenin

McCown, James
A privileged glimpse into the conception and execution of this superlative structure.
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Houses That Can Save the World

Smith, Courtenay
An inspirational sourcebook of innovative and unexpected green design solutions for our homes that address the environmental and social issues facing our world today.
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Nueva Vivienda: New Housing Paradigms in Mexico

Vassallo, Jesus
Introduces a new generation of architects working in Mexico, featuring twenty-two outstanding housing projects through images, plans, and concise descriptions, supplemented by scholarly essays and conversations with architects, policy makers, and researchers.
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Dutch Dwellings: The Architecture of Housing

Gameren, Dick van
Dutch architect Dick van Gameren's new book features the findings of 25 years of design practice and research and documents some 40 of Van Gameren's own designs through images, plans, and illuminating texts.
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Hidden Architecture: Buildings that Blend In

Griffiths, Alyn
Hidden Architecture tells the stories of buildings from around the world that are cleverly disguised but still beautifully detailed and outstanding in their execution.
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