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Residential and Domestic Buildings

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The Affordable City: Strategies for Putting Housing Within Reach (and Keeping It There)

Phillips, Shane
An accessible approach to housing policy that strives to bring opposing sides together to make cities more affordable.
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Sustainable Urban Regeneration: Insights and Evaluation from a UK Housing Association

Dean, Kevin
This book provides a deep insight into urban regeneration schemes and explores the parameters of what is deemed a sustainable development, before appraising existing schemes' evaluation models for the sustainable return on investment.
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Together by Design: The Art and Architecture of Communal Living

Richards, William
With a growing population comes a growing need for innovative, sustainable housing. Together by Design explores the architectural and social benefits of communal living and shared spaces.
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Contemporary Co-housing in Europe: Towards Sustainable Cities?

Hagbert, Pernilla
This book investigates co-housing as an alternative housing form in relation to sustainable urban development.
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Landscapes of Housing: Design and Planning in the History of Environmental Thought

Haffner, Jeanne (Dumbarton Oaks, USA)
Landscapes of Housing examines current trends of environmental remediation in the built environment from a historical perspective, arguing for a more considered environmental vision that includes the organic, social, and cultural dimensions of landscape.
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150 Best All New House Ideas

Zamora, Francesc
From the highly successful 150 Best series, the ultimate resource for single home buyers and owners, architects, developers, and designers, filled with contemporary, fresh ideas for sustainable construction and gorgeous interiors, vividly captured in hundreds of stunning four-color photographs.
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Courtyard Living: Contemporary Houses of the Asia-Pacific

Chan, Charmaine
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Living On The Edge: Houses on Cliffs

Toromanoff, Agata
Amazing homes built with the help of innovative techniques at the most challenging locations around the world. A book for architecture lovers without fear of heights!
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One Hundred Twentieth Century Houses

Twentieth Century
A stylish and fascinating insight into Britain's built heritage and the diverse housing styles of the 20th century.
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