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Residential and Domestic Buildings

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House Plans for Challenging Sites

Minguet, Anna
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Concrete Houses: Form, Line and Plane

Huyton, Steve
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Hidden Architecture: Buildings that Blend In

Griffiths, Alyn
Hidden Architecture tells the stories of buildings from around the world that are cleverly disguised but still beautifully detailed and outstanding in their execution.
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Northern Hideaways: Canadian Cottages and Cabins

The Images Publishing Group
This beautifully illustrated book celebrates the idea of the Canadian cottage and includes a selection of stunning contemporary retreats, guaranteed to make you want to "head to the cottage" for a vacation.
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Glasgow: High-Rise Homes, Estates and Communities in the Post-War Period

Abrams, Lynn
This book focuses on peoples' post-war experiences as they were rehoused from overcrowded and unsanitary Victorian slums, to new high rise estates built on vacant sites within the city and on its periphery.
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An Extraordinary Survivor: The Story of Sytin House, Moscow

Cecil, Clementine
The compelling story of a wooden neo-classical mansion in central Moscow and the man who built it, through two hundred years of fires and political upheavals, from its construction in 1803 to the present day.
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Rocky Mountain Modern

Gendall, John
Rocky Mountain Modern is a collection of the most inspiring modern residences in the Rockies, a region with a surprising but deep history of modernist design.
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Hideouts: Cabins, Shacks, Barns, Sheds

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