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Residential and Domestic Buildings

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Dungeness: Coastal Architecture

Bradbury, Dominic
The Kent coastal strip of Dungeness is a unique environment. It has enticed many architects, artists, photographers and creative thinkers, including renowned artist and film-maker Derek Jarman. Design writer Dominic Bradbury is your guide to this border landscape with 16 stunning case studies of homes, both non-domestic buildings and new builds.
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A House Through Time

Olusoga, David
A tie-in to the acclaimed BBC television series.
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Golden Age of Camden Housing

Watkinson F
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How to extend your Victorian terraced house

Green, Jaqueline
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Safe as Houses: The More-Than-Human Home

Armstrong, Rachel
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Architects on Dwelling

Platt, Christopher
An inspirational reader that highlights how profoundly the place we live in matters to our wellbeing, and what social responsibility architects have in creating the built environment.
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Houses Extensions: Creating New Open Spaces

Martinez, Patricia
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Tiny Hideaways: Oasis In Pure Nature

Minguet, Anna
This book explores tiny hideaways, which are a perfect example of the New Ecological Architecture.
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Building Society Low Rise Bungalows in the West Country

Marshall J
In Jethro Marshall’s new book, Building Society, his rural photographic eye is turned to alternative views of the countryside environment & architecture, with an artful critique of the West Country bungalow.
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Eco Homes in Unusual Places: Living in Nature

Martinez, Patricia
Houses on the side of a mountain, on rocky terrain, or on cliffs by the sea - a perfect blend of contextual architecture and interior design that channels our shared desire for peace and tranquility.
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