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Residential and Domestic Buildings

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Dacha: The Soviet Country Cottage

Savintsev, Fyodor
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ADUs: The Perfect Housing Solution

Koones, Sheri
Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are good for people and communities. An inside look at 25 charming, ultra-functional, extra living spaces will inspire you to build one of your own!
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Never Too Small: Vol. 2: Reinventing Small Space Living

Beath, Joel
Small footprint design that proves living better doesn't have to mean living larger.
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Tropical House Design Handbook: Bioclimatic, Safe, Comfortable, Economical and Respectful of the Environment

Packed with accessible information, this book covers all the technical and practical aspects of home design in tropical environments. It is invaluable for all those involved in construction in tropical regions, particularly students and anyone - from professionals to private individuals - looking for useful information on this subject.
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Midcentury Houses Today

Ross, Cristina A.
Traces the evolution of midcentury houses and demonstrates how they are experienced and lived in today
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The House of Green

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Design for Dementia: Living Well at Home

Halsall, Bill (Halsall Lloyd Partnership
Designing for Dementia is written by an interdisciplinary team of professionals and academics whose aim is to present lessons learnt from the Dementia Demonstration House at the Building Research Establishment's Innovation Park.
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Future Home: Trends, Innovations and Disruptors in Housing Design

Moreno-Rangel, Alejandro
Future Home provides a comprehensive 'horizon scan' of what our homes may be like approximately ten years from now, by looking for early signs of potentially important developments through a systematic examination of trends, innovations and disruptors.
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How to extend your Victorian terraced house

Green, Jaqueline
Packed with detailed plans, ideas and case studies for a range of house types and sizes, along with photos and 3D sketches, this book provides you with all the design inspiration and advice needed to embark on a Victorian terrace renovation.
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The Housebuilder's Bible: 14th Edition

Brinkley, Mark
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