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Residential and Domestic Buildings

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A Complete Guide to Straw Bale Building

Nitzkin, Rikki
A comprehensive hands-on guide for builders - both self-builders and professionals - and an essential handbook for designers that includes many construction details. * Step-by-step instructions for many processes * Over 600 photos, drawings and diagrams * Materials, tools and building techniques * Plans for a practice straw bale building
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Mad About the House Planner: Your Home, Your Story

Watson-Smyth, Kate
Interiors expert Kate Watson-Smyth brings you Mad About the House: The Planner for everything you need to know when renovating your home. With more and more of us working from home and spending more time in the house, it's more important than ever that our homes are adaptable and welcoming.
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The Modern Caravan

Oliver, Kate
Cabin Porn meets The New Bohemians in this visually driven book celebrating travel, adventure, and beautifully styled rolling homes.
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Design for Living: Global Contest to Rethink Our Habitat from the Body to the City

Guallart, Vicente
The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia calls its 8th Advanced Architecture Contest titled “Design for Living.” This effort offers the opportunity for a global reflection to rethink human habitats, at a time when the fight for life and climate allows us to consider how we would like to live in the coming decades.
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Embracing Natural Design: Inspired Living

Gonzalez, Stephanie Kienle
Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez has made her name as a designer of furnishings and interiors in warm climates. Her first book showcases far-flung stylish homes, replete with indoor and outdoor spaces that blend artisanal craftmanship with a fresh naturalistic design approach.
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Bigger Than Tiny, Smaller Than Average

Koones, Sheri
Inspiration and answers for people wanting to live more sustainably in a smaller house while respecting the environment and saving money on energy and maintenance.
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Shibusa: Hive Architects - Masterpiece Series

Riera Ojeda, Oscar
The rectilinear pavilions seem to float over the tropical landscape, offering an uninterrupted stream of views of the Big Sarasota Pass and/or Bayou Louise throughout the property.
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Building in the Desert: Architects of the Southwest

Mola, Francesc Zamora
Residential architecture and landscape design projects in the USA desert states, highlighting unique design challenges and opportunities.
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House Stories: Old vs New

Andreu, David
An illustrated guide to renovating or remodelling your home into a stylish personalised dream home whatever the size and budget.
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Modular Projects

Buyo, Vicente
This book showcases the creations of the Modular Projects company which launched a modular architecture product on the market in 2009, based on modular industrialised construction with a timber-frame structure for private homes, warehouses, extension and penthouses.
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