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Restaurants, Bars and Cafe's

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Romantic Dining Time: Restaurant's Graphic and Space Design

Ramanauskas, Tomas
The book is divided into several categories by different styles of restaurants. The selected 86 design cases illustrate systematically graphic and space design of restaurants and reveal the infinite potentials of restaurant design.
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Themes+ Interior Design: Bars with Specific Themes

Kosmidis, Minas
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Themes + Interor Design: Coffee Shops with Specific Themes

Mercina, Andrej
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Facade-Restaurant: New Innovative Front Facade Design of Restaurant

New Space Editorial Team
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Design Wisdom in Small Space: Coffee Shop

Gentry, Jon
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Clubs - Interior Design in China

Design Media
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An Architect's Cookbook: A Culinary Journey Through Design

Coben G
Represents the first 16 years of Glen Coben's restaurant design agency, which has worked with some of the greatest chefs of the present time.
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Coffee Time: Contemporary Cafes

Galindo, Michelle
Today it is no longer a matter of taste as to how and which coffee we drink, as it is even more important where we enjoy it. A multitude of new cafes and coffeehouses around the world honor a centuries old tradition, setting thereby new design trends. This book includes projects that show the conceptual and stylistic breadth of cafe designs.
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Coffee Love: Cafe Design & Stories

Braun, Markus Sebastian
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Trendsetter der Moderne: Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels

Franziska Bollerey
A pleasurable journey to assess the impact of cafes, restaurants and hotels on the urban landscape, and their contribution towards modernity.
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