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Self Build

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A Domestic Client's Guide to Engaging an Architect

Ostime, N
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Chic Refurbishment: Small Apartments from 50m2

Instituto Monsa
A superbly illustrated volume showcasing stylish refurbishment projects for small apartments - under 50m2
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How to find and buy a building plot 4th edition

Baxter, George
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Brickwork and Paving for House and Garden

Hammett, Michael
This is a comprehensive guide to clay bricks and mortars, their physical and aesthetic properties, and their use in a wide range of building projects. This book aims to offer a useful reference for anyone involved in building work including homeowners, self-builders, architects and surveyors.
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Build Your Own Brick House

Cole G
Follows the process of a self-build, using traditional brick and block techniques, enabling the self-builder to understand both the individual stages and the nature of the build as a whole.
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Building your own Sustainable and Energy Efficient House

Skates H
Explains how to go about building a home that will save you money, save energy, minimize carbon emissions and greenhouse gas production [the main causes of climate change] and above all, provide a home of exceptional thermal comfort, not too hot, not too cold, in fact just right for you and your family.
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Do it with an Architect: How to Survive Refurbishing Your Home

Weiss, Barbara ~~~~
A practical guide for those tempted to buy a building which needs extensive refurbishment or who simply need more space to accommodate a growing family or an office at home. Each stage, from getting planning permission to what happens when the builders arrive, is covered and case studies provided.
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Essential Cordwood Building: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Roy, Rob
The first highly illustrated, comprehensive guide to cordwood building
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Essential Natural Plasters: A Guide to Materials, Recipes, and Use

Henry, Michael
A veritable cookbook of natural plaster recipes and techniques for beautiful, durable finishes
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