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Shops and Retail

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Arcades Of The World

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Architectures of Display: Department Stores and Modern Retail

Lasc , Anca I. & Lara-Betancourt , Patr
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Art Sells: Installation Designs for Retail Spaces

Art Sells showcases imaginative installations, displays and store decorations used by businesses both big and small to attract new customers.
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Contemporary Market Architecture: Planning and Design

Tomlinson, Neil
Exciting designs for new types of market architecture, looking at the latest developments in market design across the globe.
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Fantastic Designs In The Store

Xia Jiajia
This book focuses on the overall physical appearance of the shop, shopfront included, and its role in visual merchandising, offering an innovative combination of corporate identity design, visual identity, and interior design theory.
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Fast-Casual Chain

Killifer V ed
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