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Shops and Retail

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Retail Design

Li Juan
Detailed look at the interiors of some of the most stylish stores.
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Fantastic Designs In The Store

Xia Jiajia
This book focuses on the overall physical appearance of the shop, shopfront included, and its role in visual merchandising, offering an innovative combination of corporate identity design, visual identity, and interior design theory.
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Fast-Casual Chain

Killifer V ed
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Star Commercial Spaces

Mola F Zamora-
From minimalist stores and quirky shops to fashionable bars and restaurants to trendy or quaint hotels, this comprehensive guidebook demonstrates to interior designers, decorators, architects, and retailers the kind of versatility and strength possible in the commercial marketplace.
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Stores of the Year 21

Shepard J
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Designing the Department Store: Display and Retail at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

Orr, Emily M. (Assistant Curator of Amer
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Shopping Malls and Public Space in Modern China

Jewell, Nicholas
This book examines how these interrelationships are manifested in the culturally hybrid built form of the shopping mall and its role in contesting the 'public' space of the modern Chinese city.
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Architectures of Display: Department Stores and Modern Retail

Lasc , Anca I. & Lara-Betancourt , Patr
Through an international range of case studies from the 1870s to the present day, this volume analyses strategies of display in department stores and modern retail spaces.
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Retail Design

Mesher L
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