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Social Housing

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A History of Council Housing in 100 Estates

Boughton, John
In this highly-illustrated survey, John Boughton, author of Municipal Dreams, examines the remarkable history of social housing in the UK.
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Housing for Hope and Wellbeing

Samuel, Flora (University of Reading, UK
The book focuses on the UK housing scene but draws on and provides lessons for housing cultures across the globe. Illustrated throughout with case studies, this is the go-to book for anyone who wants to look at housing in a holistic way.
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Lubetkin and Goldfinger: The Rise and Fall of British High-Rise Council Housing

Russell, Nicholas
Berthold Lubetkin and Ernoe Goldfinger were two leading architects who designed high-rise council housing after the Second World War; a type of building that now holds a poor reputation.
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Irish Housing Design 1950 - 1980: Out of the Ordinary

Ward, Brian
This book examines the architectural design of housing projects in Ireland from the mid-twentieth century. This period represented a high point in the construction of the Welfare State project where the idea that architecture could and should shape and define community and social life was not yet considered problematic.
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Architecture and the Housing Question

Bilsel, Can
Aimed at students and scholars in architecture, architectural history, theory, and urban studies, Architecture and the Housing Question examines the nexus of architecture, social housing, and politics.
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Against Landlords: How to Solve the Housing Crisis

Bano, Nick
When landlords always win and renters pay the price, what can be done?
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The Rise of Build to Rent in the UK

Kilpatrick, Brendan
This book examines the rise of the build-to-rent movement in the UK, describes the potential of the BTR model in terms of both economic and climate sustainability, and evaluates its key ingredients to success. It includes five highly illustrated UK case studies which evaluate the practical deliverability of real world BTR projects.
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ReHab: Living, Inhabitants, Houses

Paone, Fabrizio
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